Evidence, not modeling, is piling up. And it proves the policies surrounding COVID-19 have not only been disastrous in terms of economies and individual freedoms, they also have failed the “sound science” test.
That’s according to author and civil liberties advocate Michael Talmo. Talmo recently took a deep dive into the science – or lack of it – behind some of the most controversial lockdown measures. His conclusions? Lockdowns haven’t worked. Masks don’t work. And the necessity and efficacy of the so-called “COVID vaccines” are suspect for most of the population.
Writing for the Canada-based Global Research Centre for Research on Globalization, Talmo said failed strategies that were known to be useless were nonetheless employed during the pandemic. For example, pandemic planning lockdown strategies, which harked back to the George W. Bush administration, were thoroughly debunked before they were put to use in 2020:
“In response to Bush’s pandemic plan, Dr. Donald A. Henderson (1928-2016), former Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health along with three other experts, took immediate action. They wrote a scientific paper entitled: ‘Disease Mitigation Measures in the Control of Pandemic Influenza’ published in BIOSECURITY AND BIOTERRORISM, which lays out in no uncertain terms that there is no basis for social distancing, prohibiting social gatherings, school closures, masks, and quarantining large groups of people, and that such measures would have serious and considerable adverse consequences.” 
And data from the lockdowns of 2020 has proved they showed no benefit in stemming the spread of the COVID virus. Among the multiple studies Talmo cited was an EClinical Medicine report published by The Lancet in July 2020 study. 
The study involved a country-level analysis measuring the impact of government actions, country preparedness, and socioeconomic factors on COVID-19 mortality and related health outcomes. It found “government actions such as border closures, full lockdowns, and a high rate of COVID-19 testing were not associated with statistically significant reductions in the number of critical cases or overall mortality.”
Masks are another example where actual science was ignored in favor of a cult-like political theatre, said Talmo.
“Bottom line: the only studies that really matter are Randomized Controlled trials (RCTs) with verified outcomes which test the masks on humans. And every RCT ever done over the past 75 years has shown that N95 masks, surgical masks, and cloth masks are useless against preventing viral diseases. Dr. Denis Rancourt, PhD, summed it up best in his ResearchGate Study, ‘Masks Don’t Work:’
‘No RCT study with verified outcome shows a benefit for HCW’ (healthcare workers) ‘or community members in households to wearing a mask or respirator. There is no such study. There are no exceptions.’”
Pandemic Conditioning: Setting the Stage for Control
Talmo believes the COVID pandemic has been used to manipulate masses of average people for the benefit of a very few. His article noted that fear has been ginned up to direct and control activities and behaviors:
“Scare people and you can get them to turn against their family and friends, rat on each other to the authorities, hoard toilet paper, think it’s okay to put children younger than 10 years old on sex offender registries for playing doctor, and that it’s okay for cops to beat and kill people who don’t obey their every command. Scare people enough and they become trapped in a twilight zone of false reality where down is up, black is white, nonsense is common sense, freedom is selfishness, and acts of sadistic cruelty are condoned and rationalized.”
As a result of misplaced faith in draconian measures and nonsensical dictates like “social distancing,” Talmo noted there has been a huge shift in power toward corporate and government masters and away from average citizens and small entrepreneurs and businesses. He concluded that, unfortunately, the ramifications may have only just begun.

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