In the never-ending quest to sell coronavirus pandemonium panic, in the 29 April edition of the New York Times, under the headline “Coronavirus Update,” were these two sub-headlines:

“Number of Infections Rises Past 1 Million”

 “Japan May Postpone Olympics Yet Again”

 The first article opens with: “It took 99 days to go from one case to one million. The United States passed that distressing milestone on Tuesday as the nation continued its struggle with a pandemic that has killed more than 52,000 Americans.”
The article goes on to point out: “Stunning as the one million figure is, it understates the reach of the virus. Some disease researchers say the actual total of infections could be around 10 times higher.”
TRENDPOST: Absent in their fear-selling hype is the fact that if their “experts” are correct, and the number of infected are ten times higher, it proves the virus is far less deadly and dangerous than it is being sold as, since the death rate would also be ten times higher: 520,000 dead, not 52,000.
Beyond the headline “Number of Infections Rises Past 1 Million,” which pumps more fear and anxiety into the public, it also conditions readers to dutifully obey the myriad of “Executive Orders” that close down their businesses, put them out of work, and order them to follow the extended list of the New ABnormal, while ignoring scientific facts and hard data.
 TRENDPOST: The second sub-headline, “Japan May Postpone Olympics Again,” implies Japan is experiencing a worse than expected coronavirus crisis.
The exact opposite is the truth. It is being postponed because of the New ABnormal. People are afraid to travel and gather in crowds and stadiums… not because of the virus attacking Japan.
As we reported in the Trends Journal last week, Japan had only a soft lockdown, which allowed most businesses and social activities to continue, with only 430 deaths from coronavirus in a country of over 126 million people. Yet, this point was ignored by the Times.
TRENDPOST: Also absent from the mainstream media hype are the facts that nations such as Cambodia, Turkmenistan, Nicaragua, Myanmar, and others, which had no lockdown restrictions at all, have COVID-19 death rates that are insignificant. For example, the death rates from the virus of the nations mentioned add up to 11.
 And More Hype
From the Daily Mail in the U.K. to the New York Times in the U.S. and press throughout the country, the big headline screeching the media was:

“After Decades of Service, Five Nuns Die

as Virus Sweeps Through Convent”

In the NYT article, the reporter waited until the fifth paragraph to note the nuns died in an elder care convent for those suffering from dementia, which was “meant to be their final home.”
Of course, the death of these elderly nuns was tragic for those close to them, but the fact is they were near the end of their lives, and they had advanced stages of dementia, a debilitating disease that compromises the physical health of those who suffer from it.
As with the volumes of data we have presented in the Trends Journal, including this issue, those who are chronically ill in elder care facilities are most at risk to die from the virus.
The article goes on to point out, much later into the drama, that the entire state of Wisconsin had 316 dead from COVID-19. They ignored to note it has a population of 5.8 million.
Thus, they have the minuscular COVID death rate of 0.005 percent… and their state is locked down – sheltered-in-place – with lives, businesses, and the economy destroyed by imbecilic government leaders and their cast of health “experts” and bureaucratic flunkies too arrogant and ignorant to do the math and look at the actual numbers.
TRENDPOST: Why a headline story about five elderly nuns dying from COVID-19? Why not five barbers, musicians, laborers, mechanics, or plumbers?
Because the reader-hungry Presstitutes know a heartbreaking story of five nuns dying in “Our Lady of The Angels” convent home feeds into fear and anxiety, which attracts more eyeballs to their papers, screens, and websites.
As a by-product, the twisted manipulation of the true nature of this pandemic helps political leaders maintain authoritarian control over citizens, particularly those believing in outside authorities to save the day.

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