The Texas Supreme Court reversed a lower-court decision last Wednesday that would have allowed Harris Country, which includes Houston, to ship out about two million unsolicited mail-in ballots. This decision is seen as a setback for Democrats.
“Mass-mailing unsolicited ballot applications to voters ineligible to vote by mail cannot be said to be necessary or indispensable to the conduct of early voting,” the all-Republican court said in its opinion.
News website Axois reported Texas citizens can vote by mail if they are either 65+ years old, disabled, or absent on Election Day. (The report said the Texas court ruled in May that a lack of immunity for COVID-19 does not qualify as being disabled in the state.)
Chris Hollins, the Harris County clerk, had intentions of sending out the documents and was accused by other state leaders for overreaching on this authority, the Wall Street Journal reported. The court said the clerk’s effort to send out a mail-in ballot could have resulted in “irreparable injury to the State.”
Hollins said he was disappointed the court “has sided with political forces seeking to limit voter access this November.”
Democrats have flirted with the prospect of winning the traditionally red state. The Texas Tribune reported President Trump leads Joe Biden by five points in the state.
TRENDPOST: Some ten million Americans already have voted by mail. In the 29 September presidential debate, President Trump disparaged mail ballots as being “manipulated” and said there “is going to be a fraud like you’ve never seen.”
Our 6 October article, “BOTCHED BALLOTS HIT NYC noted that over 100,000 ballots mailed to NYC voters had errors in them. 
The Times has also reported allegations of ballot harvesting in Minnesota and voter fraud cases in North Carolina.  
Thus, as we have noted, minus a wild card event, it is highly probable it will be long after Election Day before it is determined which candidate is the winner of The Presidential Reality Show®.

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