Is there an independent anything these days? Small businesses crop up around the country only to be swallowed up by larger corporations, consolidating operations and increasing profitability. These corporations are swallowed up by even larger conglomerates, which do the same on an even larger level. Massive international trade deals are signed before the public is even aware of them and large multi-nationals operate with impunity throughout the world.

Takeover is a trend line years in the making; it’s now fully embedded in the social, economic and political spheres that rule our lives. It drills deeper than the massive consolidations we see in banking, media, health care, retail, etc., on broad national and international scales. Look at your own communities. Look at local and regional consolidations and monopolies that now govern local services and products.

Takeover is pervasive. In 2015, it fully embeds itself in our economic and cultural fabric.

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