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Studies: Millennials are buying cars and driving after all

It’s been widely thought that Millennials didn’t want to own cars and, instead, preferred riding bikes and taking public transport because they were frugal and environmentally aware. But a new study offers data showing that Millennials now are buying and driving cars in droves. It was the recession, not a lifestyle choice, that kept them...


Game on

It’s piloting our planes, diagnosing our health issues, and analyzing our finances. It’s re-shaping our job markets and, whether we realize it or not, it’s pushing us to re-consider much more deeply, the unique values of the human mind. It’s AI. Artificial Intelligence. Or as many scientists prefer to call it Computer Intelligence, because there’s...


Big investors press utilities to go green

Dana Investment Advisors, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, the Illinois State Treasurer, and 17 other investment managers controlling $1.8 trillion in assets are publicly urging electric utilities to dump fossil fuels. On February 28, the managers issued a joint statement citing imminent “climate disaster” and noting that their portfolios “are already seeing the…economic costs...


Measuring the drugs in our water supply

It’s long been known that pharmaceutical drugs are showing up in our water supplies. Leftover pills dumped in the garbage or unmetabolized drugs excreted from our bodies have few other places to go. But few studies of the concentration of those drugs in our water have been as exacting as the one just completed by...


How to boost an aging brain

In two separate experiments, scientists have brought new youth to aging brains. Researchers at the German Cancer Research Center and the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine found a way to revive dormant brain stem cells in old mice. Stem cells are building blocks. Given the right chemical signals, they can grow into cells that make...


Don’t recycle plastic, upcycle it instead

The more than 400 trillion plastic water and soda bottles that the world’s consumers buy each year are made of a plastic called polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. Recycling isn’t a real solution to the rising tide of plastic waste: PET can only be recycled two to six times before its fibers become too short to...


New solar panel makes hydrogen and electricity

Along with solar energy, hydrogen is seen by many – including many research scientists – as a fuel of the future: it can power vehicles and heat homes without creating noxious emissions. Until now, the challenge has been to derive hydrogen in a cheap and easy way. But scientists at KU Leuven, a Dutch research...


Stick-on sensor strip watches vital signs

In tomorrow’s medical suite, you won’t be hooked up to cart-mounted machines to track your heart rate or wrap a cuff around your bicep to measure your blood pressure. Medics will just slap a sticker on your chest. Researchers at the U.S. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory developed the “VitalTag” to quickly monitor a range of...


Teens’ heavy drinking damages brain’s emotional controls

A study from the University of Chicago has found that people who drink alcohol heavily before age 21 can damage the workings of the amygdala, the portion of the brain that regulates emotions and decision-making. The brain continues to develop into a person’s early 20s. Frequent heavy drinking before that process is finished can permanently...

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