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Boxed water? A nutrition trend in the making

Next time you visit your convenience store, look closer at the beverage section. Have you checked the water? Sure, your fitness friends are sipping coconut water, touting the drink’s low carbohydrate count and high potassium value. Maybe you’ve heard of maple water — unreduced pasteurized tree sap — being sold at places like Trader Joe’s...


Co-working in second phase

Recently, a trend of co-working environments emerged, specifically in cities with high technology-sector employment. Starting in 2007, you could find independent contractors — mostly members of Generation X — toiling away at sparsely decorated hubs with other workers, simply to mimic a traditional workspace without the buttoned-up chokehold of a corporate workspace. Thanks to millennials,...


Computing with water comes of age

A Stanford bioengineer has designed a computer that calculates with water. The result could be faster, cheaper chemical processes on an industrial scale. In Manu Prakash’s computer, water microdroplets infused with magnetic nanoparticles take the place of digital ones and zeroes. A magnetic field organizes the droplets the way a computer’s internal clock orchestrates electrical...


Fossil-fuel subsidies: $10 million a minute?

Global public subsidies to the fossil-fuel industry total $5.3 trillion a year, according to a May report from the International Monetary Fund. That’s $10 million a minute to feed our oil, gas and coal habit. The report, “How Large Are Global Energy Subsidies?”, calculates not only the cost in tax breaks and other direct public...


The ‘unconference’ trend takes root

The 2015 Sundance Film Festival, a cornerstone event for young creators, brought $83 million to host Park City, Utah. That’s down $3 million from 2014. A University of Utah study claims this is because millennial visitors stayed in fewer hotel rooms and in more houses, sharing space with others. The millennial traveler wants flexibility and...

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