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Do these constant warnings keep you safe?

Do you remember this frightening government-issued warning: Crop dusters may be commandeered by terrorists to dump lethal chemicals on your community? Remember that warning about dirty bombs packed in suitcases and left at bus stops? How about those color-coded alerts? Each color corresponded to a different level of paranoia you were advised to live with...


Stoking a war that can’t be won

Ides of March: The next chapter in the History of the Future was being written. If it held true, billions of people and millions of species would be annihilated. The narrative was as clear as day and anyone should have been able to see how the drama would play out. But, intellectually and emotionally paralyzed,...


New website creates a community of change

The Trends Research Institute is poised to launch a series of new content platforms and services this spring, beginning with a completely redesigned and expanded web site. These improvements have been in development stages for several months and are designed to deliver multimedia content to subscribers with greater immediacy, usefulness and impact. In addition, a spate of...


Bring on peace,bring on prosperity!

Do you remember the reasons you were given for why the United States launched the Vietnam War? The Afghan War? The Iraq War? The Libyan War? Do you really remember? How many of those reasons turned out to be lies? How many were true? Were those wars worth waging? The questions are worth serious thought....

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