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Uncle Sam’s scam

With the population of the United States at 316,968,354 and each citizen’s share of debt over $54,000, it is inconceivable that the national debt will ever be paid back. I forecast that the debt burden will continue to grow as the U.S. economy continues trending downward. There is no recovery. Economic conditions continue to worsen,...


Empire America is fading fast

“Empire America Fading Fast.” I wrote that forecast for the Trends Journal in 2002. It almost cost me my career and nearly killed the Journal. After publication of that autumn issue, I was blackballed by the broadcast and print media that had once regularly featured me, my subscription base collapsed and I was persona non...


My brush with history: Becoming a political atheist

Fifty years have passed since the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Everyone old enough to remember that day recalls where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news. I’ve developed the habit of searching the news every November 22 to see how the Kennedy assassination...


The bitcoin bubble: spike, crash, what’s next?

The buzz about bitcoin has become a roar over the past year as the digital currency has undergone a wild spike, fall, and subsequent rise in valuation. Its fluctuation from $11 per bitcoin (BTC) at the start of November 2012 to well over $1,000 per BTC in late November 2013 has made it fodder for...


Political craziness: Your money and your life

In this question-and-answer feature with Trends Journal Publisher Gerald Celente, we spend some time on the impact the political craziness in Washington has on your life. Who does Celente blame for the paralysis that has overtaken political leaders in D.C. and across the globe? We also explore a number of global economic developments that are...


Confronting the truth is facing the enemy

As part of my morning meditation, I thank my ancestors by name for all they blessed me with. I visualize my mother and father, great grandmother (I only have a photo of my mother’s grandmother), grandparents and aunts and uncles on both sides of the family. It is all the love, kindness and wisdom they...

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