Summer edition spells out warning signs ahead

The summer 2015 edition of the Trends Journal publishes online July 31 and the full-color, glossy magazine version for print/digital subscribers will be in the mail shortly. The edition features a must-read mid-year analysis of the Trends Research Institute’s Top Trends for 2015, pinpointing for subscribers where the risks and opportunities exist for the remainder of the year.

Elsewhere, global forecaster Gerald Celente provides a compelling look at the implications of Greece’s failed vote to reject austerity and the far-reaching implications of the nation’s surrender to Bankism. Economist Nomi Prins breaks down the implications of prolonged and now global quantitative easing measures as the fed prepares to hike interest rates.

The edition also introduces a new analyst to our growing network of experts who provides a dynamic forecast for the future of higher and skills-based education. While numerous other stories explore trend lines in energy, retail, pop culture, technology, health and much more.

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