There’s a new reason to cut your cable cord and ignore the corporate news propaganda machine.

Researchers at Texas Tech University conducted a study that found consuming too much news can not only impact your mental health, but also affect your physical well-being.

Texas Tech University conducted a study based on an online survey of about 1,100 American participants. The study found that 73.6 percent of those who were considered to have a problematic relationship with news consumption reported experiencing mental health issues “quite a bit” or “very much,” according to the website StudyFinds

About one in six of the participants were considered to have a “severely problematic” addiction to news consumption, which means that news headlines impacted their social life with friends and family.

TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal has long noted that the corporate media’s business model is to turn fear and division into profits, which is why the average American turns on the propaganda channel of their choice to be fed their ultra-processed news. (See “CNN AGAIN ADMITS TO SELLING COVID BOOSTS RATINGS” 9 Mar 2021, “NEWS CONSUMERS TURN AWAY FROM NEAR-CONSTANT COVID PROPAGANDA” 28 Jun 2022 and “CNN+ CRASHES AT LAUNCH: PUBLIC WON’T SWALLOW CARTOON NEWS CRAP” 26 Apr 2022.)

Cable news and newspapers have been trying to make up for the loss of revenue after Donald Trump left office, and have been mainly selling COVID-19 and now the Ukraine War.

Bryan McLaughlin, an associate professor of advertising at Texas Tech, wrote in a press release that witnessing events unfolding in the news “can bring about a constant state of high alert in some people, kicking their surveillance motives into overdrive and making the world seem like a dark and dangerous place.”

We noted in June that a Reuters survey found that more people were avoiding the news in general due to the constant drumbeat of “depressing” topics like the COVID-19 outbreak.

TRENDPOST: News viewers often forget that the outlets that they watch are owned by media companies that make the bulk of their money in movies, entertainment… and advertising. CNN’s new chief, Chris Licht, made his bones in what these clowns call “journalism” as the executive producer of idiotic Stephen Colbert late-night cartoon show. 

However, regardless of the country, the vast majority tune into mainstream “news,” and obediently swallow the crap that they are fed. 

The study out of Texas Tech said there is a confluence of factors playing a role in the news saturation and journalists keep trying to find news items that get clicks and grab the public’s attention. 

Fear can be lucrative. In the last three weeks of March 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 scare, cable news ratings were up more than 100 percent from the previous year. The American Sociological Association also noted that bad news traveled. News on mobile devices also saw a 215 percent jump during the period.

As we say, “Stay on the mainstream and stay out of touch.”

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