Stepping closer to war: Target Iran

The Wall Street Journal reported in January that this past September the U.S. National Security Council Advisor John Bolton requested the Pentagon draw up plans for a “strike” against Iran after militants, allegedly aligned with Iran, fired three mortars into Baghdad’s diplomatic quarter which hosts the U.S. Embassy.

The shells landed in an open lot and no one was harmed.

This report that the U.S. was planning a military strike directly confirms one of Gerald Celente’s Top Trends for 2018, “Market Shock, Mass Murder,” forecast in the Trends Journal December 2017:

“Branding Iran and Hezbollah as a common enemy has formed a historic and unprecedented alliance among Saudi Arabia, the Arab League, the United States and Israel, giving them license, at the slightest provocation, false flag or real, to strike at will against Iran and/or Lebanon.

“The battle lines have been drawn. In Washington, there is absolute support for Israel and absolute hatred for Iran. Should these trend lines continue on their current path, we forecast war will ignite throughout the Middle East… and possibly worldwide.”

Affirming Celente’s forecast, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has set the stage for military action against Iran. In a recent speech in Egypt he said: “We strongly support Israel’s efforts to stop Tehran from turning Syria into the next Lebanon” and will act “to expel every Iranian boot from Syria.”

Totally ignoring the facts of history, Pompeo went on to make the absurd statement that “America has always been, and always will be, a liberating force, not an occupying power. We’ve never dreamed of domination in the Middle East. Can you say the same about Iran?”

America never dreamed of domination in the Middle East?

The U.S. led mass destruction and involvement in its holy alliances with its Arab League partners in the Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen wars is not a dream of domination in the Middle East, it’s a living nightmare.


During a trip to Israel in January, Mr. Bolton suggested that President Trump was willing to strike Iran if he thought Tehran was close to developing a nuclear weapon.

And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in January: “We have little doubt that Iran’s leadership is still strategically committed to achieving deliverable nuclear weapons.”

Then later that month, Israel announced it had launched an air attack against the Iranian Quds forces stationed in Damascus.

In confirming the bombing raid, Netanyahu said, “We have a constant policy to curtail Iranian attempts to establish their presence in Syria,” and “we have a permanent policy to strike at the Iranian entrenchment in Syria.”

Celente has repeatedly warned that the “alliance” is poised to escalate military conflict quickly and decisively using whatever justification – false flag or factual – and with the majority support from America’s political parties and its general public, just as they have with all of U.S. foreign entanglements over the past 30-plus years.

No longer infected with the “Vietnam Syndrome” (the public disgust and aversion to America’s unjust and murderous foreign wars), Celente notes that conspicuously absent from the U.S. 2018 midterm elections was any mentions by Democrat or Republican candidates about America’s ongoing wars, the massive Defense Budget, or calls for peace to end the violence perpetuated, nourished and normalized by its military/industrial/intelligence complex, its politicians and the mass media.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: In January, in an interview on Ron Paul’s Liberty Report, Celente said, “America is a country that invades other nations under the guise of freedom and democracy. It once again shows that the U.S. uses war as a solution rather than to Occupy Peace,” he said.

Putting his money where his mind heart and soul are, in 2015, Celente launched, a peace movement backed by a legislative, social and political Action-Plan for peace like no other in the world.

With war drums beating from the Middle East to South America, there’s no better time to hear what Gerald Celente and Ron Paul, two titans of peace and prosperity, have to say on this topic… and what you can do about it.

And there is no better time to put your money where your mind, heart and soul are by supporting Celente’s movement and Ron Paul’s Peace and Prosperity Institute. TJ  


On the economic front, Celente forecasts that a war with Iran will drive oil prices above $100 a barrel and equity markets across the globe will crash… along with the dollar, euro, yen, yuan and other fiat currencies.

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