A leaked State Department memo from mid-level diplomats called on the Biden administration to call for a ceasefire in Gaza and that the U.S. should be able to publicly criticize the country’s bombing campaign in Gaza that has killed over 10,000—mainly women and children. 

Politico obtained the memo and said it is unclear how many people signed the letter. The memo read, in part, “We must publicly criticize Israel’s violations of international norms such as failure to limit offensive operations to legitimate military targets. When Israel supports settler violence and illegal land seizures or employs excessive use of force against Palestinians, we must communicate publicly that this goes against our American values so that Israel does not act with impunity.”

Josh Paul, the long-time U.S. State Department official who resigned last month over the Biden administration’s approach to the Israeli war in Gaza, said in an interview that there is no debate allowed in the department when it comes to providing weapons to Israel.

Paul told Democracy Now that there is usually robust debate for arms transfers. He said there are about 20,000 arms transfers a year from bullets to fighter jets. He said there is usually a lot of thought behind these transfers that consider the pros and cons of the deal and the human rights implications.

“That has not happened in this context for Israel,” he said. Adding that when he raised his concerns, there “was not appetite for that discussion.”

Paul who had worked for the office that approves arms transfers, said in an earlier interview: “I recognize the Israeli government’s right to respond and to defend themselves. I guess I question how many Palestinian children have to die in that process.” 

Sylvia Yacoub, a foreign affairs officer in the Bureau of Middle East Affairs, is organizing a dissent cable “calling for a significant change in the Administration’s short and long-term policy surrounding the conflict and path towards regional integration and security,” Axios reported. 

The report noted that she posted on X, in response to President Joe Biden’s explanation as to why he has supported Israel with weapons.

“You are providing significantly more military assistance to the government that is indiscriminately attacking innocent Gazans….you are complicit in genocide @POTUS.”

TRENDPOST: We have noted, in America and the West, the politicians and the Presstitutes sell—and demand—that there is only one acceptable side when it comes to Israel’s Genocide campaign in Gaza: the pro-Israel side. 

Like Ukraine, politicians in the West want the public to believe that Israeli fighters are the only ones protecting us from the barbarians outside the gate. (See “ONLY ONE SIDE ALLOWED: IF YOU ARE NOT PRO-ISRAEL, YOU ARE ATTACKED BY U.S. POLITICIANS AND BIG MONEY AMERICANS,” 31 Oct 2023.)

Forgetting the facts of what led up to the barbaric Hamas attacks on Israel, politicians and the media want you to think that Israel is a peace-loving country that has the misfortune of bordering “human animals.” These are just a “few” of the facts of what Israel was doing to Palestinians and those who supported them this year and what led up to the Middle East Meltdown and the Israel War:

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