Spring 2015 edition

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The Spring 2015 Trends Journal is available online for subscribers and print readers will have their copies soon in the mail. Unlike any other magazine in the world, the spring edition provides deep insights from Gerald Celente, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Nomi Prins and other prestigious analysts unavailable from any other source.

Featured in this edition:

  • Liars, cowards, freaks and fools: Welcome to The Presidential Reality Show
  • Prospering from the longevity wave and what science and markets are missing
  • Who’s minding the store: Silicon Valley is becoming the new Wall Street
  • Dr. Paul Craig Roberts prescription for “Peace and Prosperity”
  • How legalized marijuana will change America and the true science behind pot smoking
  • The roots of the  military mindset behind police brutality
  • Other stories cover  investment opportunities in Cuba, serving millennials, energy’s next cycle and much more.


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