Back in late April we had forecast that the COVID War would be winding down… temporarily, and it has. Governments witnessing the reality of diving tax revenues, business pressure and rising crime would begin to loosen draconian lockdown rules. 
However, despite the lessening of COVID Fear and Hysteria by the media and politicians, we forecast COVID War 2.0 will ramp it up again come winter time. 
Indeed, in those nations where cold weather is setting, such as Australia, every day is a day of COVID Panic, with reports of new “cases” followed by new lockdown edicts. Yet, in the nation of 25 million people, there have been just 910 COVID related deaths over the past 17 months. Of those, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 72.7 of people who died from COVID-19 had pre-existing chronic conditions certified on the death certificate.
Of the 910 virus related deaths, 515 were people over 80 years of age and the grand total of just 15 people under the age of 60 died from COVID. 
Yet, the new round of “COVID IS COMING BACK STRONGER THAN BEFORE” is the hype of the new “DEADLY” Delta strain that politicians and the media are, and will continue to sell to the public in their push for power, control… and to sell the “Get Your Vax” which will be the foundation of their agenda.
Thus, we forecast that following this summer’s cooling down of the COVID War, it will heat up again as Autumn approaches. 
Get ready for the Delta Variant Hysteria and the Winter Jab Push… as the following articles illustrate, it’s on its way.

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