Special message: Make the most of your Trends subscription

Over the past two years, the Trends Research Institute has greatly expanded our content offerings, now delivering to you our forecasts and trends analyses with greater depth and immediacy. 

As a reminder, your Trends Journal subscription includes all of these powerful, timely and essential features:

Trends Journal, available each quarter in both print and digital formats, is the institute’s signature product, providing deep quarterly analysis of compelling trend lines.

Trends Monthly, a digital newsletter emailed to you each month and posted on Trendsresearch.com, keeps you up to date on emerging trends and trend lines institute analysts are tracking.

Trends in the News,
 a weeknight broadcast breaking down trends as they take shape, showing what’s missed, what the larger picture is and how to navigate through uncertainty, absurdity and blatant mistruths.

Trend Alert
a column published each Wednesday, and more frequently when warranted. It is emailed to you and available on Trendsresearch.com under Trend Alerts. It takes a look at a single trend line or a set of related trend lines to identify why they matter what they could mean to you.

Trends TV,
 a collection of “video extras” that provide different perspectives on the trends we track. They include “mini documentaries,” featuring individuals who represent a trend in action; profiles of businesses that have a meaningful story to tell; and event coverage, such as conferences.

Weekly Fredasinformative, fun and engaging illustrations by award-winning artist Anthony Freda. They provide subscribers with a different take on the news and trends we follow, in uniquely creative and always entertaining ways.

Gerald in the Media
where you’ll find select current appearances by me in other media. This is among our more popular features. It affords subscribers the opportunity to keep up with the institute’s work as reported through other media and their unique or differing perspectives.

Our content is unmatched for its depth, accuracy, relevance and usefulness. As such, we want you to make the most of your subscription.

Please share your thoughts!

Gerald Celente 

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