Special alert: THIS will crash the market!

When US equity markets began their February dive, the White House expressed “concern” about the downturn. Indeed, it should.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 45 percent since Donald Trump was elected in November 2016. The market, overvalued and overleveraged, prompted the Trends Research Institute to forecast that a minimum 10 percent market correction would occur in 2018. We also predicted that, as goes the Dow, so go stock markets worldwide.
And as noted in our Top Trends for 2018, our greater concern beyond falling stock markets is a geopolitical explosion launched by the United States and its allies.

It will not only crash markets and sink economies.

It will destroy nations.
And now, with the United States and Israel ramping up the war in Syria, launching bombing raids on Syrian installations and its troops – as well as Iranian and Russian troops deployed there – the Middle East is on the brink of an explosion that will be heard and felt around the world.
Adding fuel to the fires of war, a bipartisan budget bill was passed by Congress. It increased the defense budget 13 percent from 2017, providing the US military with $1.4 trillion over the next two years. 

After signing the budget bill, President Trump tweeted, “Just signed Bill. Our Military will now be stronger than ever before. We love and need our Military and gave them everything.”

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a five-star general and the Allied Forces’ supreme commander during World War II, warned in his farewell address that the Military Industrial Complex was taking over the government.

He must be turning in his grave.
Trump has installed generals to run the White House and given the military “total authorization” to wage wars. “We have the greatest military in the world and that’s why they’ve been so successful,” he declared… even though the United States has not won a war since World War II, despite always promising new strategies will bring victory.
And Trump’s State of the Union address was filled with military praise and a bipartisan standing ovation for Defense Secretary Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis. His accomplishments? He has ramped up wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan, wants more money to make the military “more lethal,” and advocates using nuclear weapons against nations even in the absence of a nuclear threat.

The Democrats chose Robert Kennedy’s grandson, Massachusetts Congressman Joseph Kennedy, who is being groomed as the party’s rising star, to rebut Trump’s speech.
Focusing totally on identity politics, ranging from transgender issues to schoolyard bullying, he never uttered a peep about peace or America’s unrelenting 25-year legacy of starting and sustaining illegal, immoral wars. Instead, he played the God Card: “God bless you and your families, God bless the United States of America,” “our God and our government” and “The God of your prayers.”
What “God” is he talking about?
Why aren’t Kennedy, those other so-called Democratic liberals and all those God-loving good American Samaritans mass-protesting their nation’s mass murder of innocent Afghan, Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian and Yemen civilians… and the bombing of their cities into oblivion, which forced people to flee their countries and fomented the refugee crisis?
Because most Americans and both political parties are fully supportive of the military takeover. So thrilled were the Democrats about building a bigger military to fight and kill in undeclared wars overseas that Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York complimented Trump for increasing the military budget, saying it “gives our fighting forces the resources they need to keep our country safe.”

This “more war, the merrier” nation pledges allegiance to “support the troops” and approves spending trillions of its tax dollars to murder millions of civilians. Indeed, 78 percent of Americans put “satisfaction with the military strength” at the top of their list of issues that matter most, according to a new Gallup Poll.  
Listen to the deafening silence from those holy faithful who pray in “The Church,” worship at “The Temple” and bow at “The Mosque” of “My God is the True God”… and whose currency is stamped “In God We Trust” and whose politicians’ sermons end with “God bless America.”

Does their Church of God, run by a holier-than-thou hierarchy, sanctify genocide and wanton destruction?
Why aren’t parishioners practicing the precepts of peace and love at the foundation of religious philosophies?
Is it gutless silence or psychotic behavior? 
Or is it a subterranean Satan in shepherd’s clothing that an inhuman race secretly worships?
As detailed in my Top Trends for 2018, major war is on the horizon. Two months after my forecast, The Economist warned, “Humanity teeters on the brink of world war.”
Indeed, picking up where American warmongers Bill Clinton, both George Bushes and Barack Obama left off, Trump, the Pentagon, Congress and media presstitutes are selling the public a new line of hate and propaganda to get them to buy into the next battle in the never-ending War on Terror.
TRENDPOST: Want to join the march to war? Get ready. Sign up. Send yourself, send your children, send your money to fight and die in yet another doomed-to-fail foreign entanglement. 
As I forecast in the Trends Journal and our Trends in the News broadcasts, the greatest threat to the global economy and market rallies is the onset of war. Anyone not listening to the mass media’s junk news, but who tunes into how current events form future trends, can hear war drums beating.  
TREND FORECAST: Following the equity market selloff that pushed major global indices into negative territory for 2018, concern grows that a new era of volatility will rattle the markets.

Therefore, should the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Arab allies launch aggressive war(s) against IranLebanon, and/or Syria, it will unhinge the already unstable markets, igniting a global stock market crash. War will also push gold and various cryptocurrencies to new highs and oil prices will spike above $100 per barrel.


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