In America, the nation which starts wars that kill millions and has cost taxpayers scores of trillions since the end of World War II under the guise of bringing “Freedom and Democracy” to the nation… has now become a nation of dictators.
As evidenced by “Executive Orders” declared by governors across the nation, the Constitution and Bill of Rights have been decimated. 
Judge Andrew Napolitano – the keynote speaker at the Occupy Peace & Restore Freedom Rally organized by Gerald Celente this past Fourth of July – noted the loss of these freedoms last May in a Fox News broadcast. Judge Napolitano said, 
“I have been taking some heat from friends and colleagues for my steadfast defense of personal liberties and my arguments that the Constitution – when interpreted in accordance with the plain meaning of its words, and informed by history – does not permit the government to infringe upon personal freedoms, no matter the emergency or pandemic.
The purpose of the Constitution is to establish the government and to limit it. Some of the limitations are written in the Constitution itself. Most of the limitations that pertain to personal freedoms are found in the Bill of Rights – the first ten Amendments.” 
Noting the loss of freedoms, the Judge pointed to the Founding Fathers: 
“Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that government derives all its powers from the consent of the governed. And Madison understood the Ninth Amendment to declare that our personal choices are insulated from government interference so long as their exercise does not impair another’s rights.
From this, it follows that if governments interfere with our personal choices – and we have not consented to their power to interfere – the interference is invalid, unlawful and because our personal choices are essentially protected from governmental interference by the Bill of Rights, unconstitutional.”
Robbed of Our Rights 
In summation, Judge Napolitano stated,
“Today, we are governed by dangerous men and women. For they have taken away our ability to make personal choices, and they have used force to compel compliance. 
In doing that, they have not only violated their oaths to uphold the Bill of Rights, they also have committed the criminal acts of nullifying our rights. By using the powers of state governments to do this, they have made themselves candidates for federal criminal prosecutions when saner days return.”
TRENDPOST: Regardless of the so-called “free nations” of the world, from Belgium to Argentina, from Canada to Austria, the Constitutional Rights of citizens have been robbed by politicians declaring “Executive Orders” and the squads of COVID Cops who enforce them. 
For the complete transcript of Judge Andrew Napolitano’s statement regarding the loss of Constitutions, click here.

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