Was it a fanboy convention for wannabe Star Wars stormtroopers?
An FBI “black socks” operation?
A sincere protest of the mistreatment of more than 600 political prisoners who’ve been jailed, mostly for trespassing at the Capitol on January 6th?
Whatever it was, the hordes of police and federal agents dominating a small gathering of Americans this past weekend in Washington, D.C. gave an excuse for the media to avoid the spiraling migrant crisis for at least a few hours.
Organizers of the “Justice for J6” event blamed the event’s small turnout (not counting undercover FBI) on massive negative press and government intimidation. 
NBC News previewed the event with a typical headline, (“Justice for J6 Rally: Capitol Police Prepare for Far-Right Demonstration,”) and breathless disdain.
Cara Castronuova, founder of Citizens Against Political Persecution, said at one point to those who braved the rally:
“Do you see an insurrection? Who watched the news this week? Who read the media? Who was terrified to come here? Shame on the people in the system that put fear in the hearts of American citizens to stay home and to not come out, many of whom have called me and messaged me begging and pleading for me to stay home because they fear for my life and my freedom.”
The Biden Administration has used the massive protest against election irregularities and alleged fraud in the 2020 election, to further transform U.S. intelligence agencies into a domestic political surveillance and suppression apparatus.
The army and police have also been used in unprecedented ways since the protest. National guard troops occupied the Capital for months after the protest.
On Saturday, police that looked like they were modeled on a futuristic gestapo formed a barricade against a paltry group of protesters. 
Some undercover agents, meanwhile, were laughably easy to spot, and drew withering comments on social media. One apparently hurriedly-disguised agent wore dark dress socks with otherwise casual shorts.
A lead organizer of the Justice For J6 Rally said its intent was not to support President Trump or revisit the election.
“[This is] not about President Trump,” Matt Braynard told attendees. “It’s not about President Biden. It’s not about the election. It’s not about what you think happened with the election. This is about justice and disparate treatment and equal treatment under the law.”
Braynard pointed out that the bulk of prisoners being held committed no acts of violence or unlawful acts other than trespassing, and argued they were being held without due process.
Far more violent protests by BLM and Antifa that raged in 2020 resulted in dozens of violent deaths, an attempted storming of the White House in June, and the burning of a church across the street.
Despite the far greater carnage and damage around the country, including police precincts and Federal buildings, BLM and Antifa groups received relative kid glove treatment. BLM has been inundated with funding and support by politicians and corporate America, while agitating riots that caused billions in damage. 
The Trends Journal has extensively covered the subversion of Constitutional protest and political expression rights of Americans. Some recent stories include:

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