Sleeping with the ’shrooms

Jae Rhim Lee sees her creation as “a symbol of a new way of thinking about death and the relationship between my body and the environment.”

Slip into the Infinity Burial Suit.

It’s a body stocking that dresses a corpse. The suit is embroidered with spores of a mushroom that not only digests your body but also detoxifies the load of heavy metals and other pollutants that collect in our tissues while we’re alive. The corpse is coated with a slurry of minerals, nutrients and additional mushroom spores and then buried in a shroud or wooden box. Instead of moldering flesh, you turn into clean compost.

TRENDPOST: With more than 60 million Baby Boomers staring into the Great Beyond, entrepreneurs are finding market opportunities in fashioning alternatives to land-gobbling cemeteries, smoke-spewing crematories and five-figure funerals featuring corpses embalmed with toxic chemicals. Municipalities increasingly are being pressed to legalize “green” burial practices, including coffin-less interment and burials at home. 

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