Self-driving cars? How about an engine in your wheels?

South Korean giant Hyundai Mobis, the world’s eighth-largest auto-parts supplier, says it will unveil its “e-Corner Module” by 2021.

Specifically designed for electric and eco-friendly vehicles, the module bundles the motor, steering and braking system independently for each wheel. That eliminates the need for a central engine and traditional chassis. Without having to design a car body around an engine block, this industry-disruptive system will offer a range of new design possibilities, highlighting safety, energy efficiency and ride quality.

The company also announced plans to engineer a new parking system, allowing a car to park itself in a nearby spot after the driver leaves the car, or allowing parking in a remote spot without direct human help.

TRENDPOST: Innovations in renewable energy systems, wireless communications, computers and other emerging technologies will continue to reinvent not only how we drive and ride in vehicles, but will reimagine our overall concepts regarding vehicles.

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