Washington DC’s hegemony has its costs. These
maddening and endless political-financial war
campaigns will only serve to bankrupt the country,
enrich the few, enrage the many victims, break the
will and spirit of the citizens, ruin billions of
people’s lives and alter life on earth as we now
know it. They solve nothing and continue to create
more problems while making the current problems
even worse. The morally bankrupt, facile,
fork-tongued, big-mouthed, mentally crippled
government officials present covert coupes, murder
and unjust war as the only solutions to the
problems that coupes, murder and war have already
created in the first place. Lies, twisted
logic/propaganda and hidden agendas are at the
root. To persist on the current well-worn warpath
is to stick with the hypocritical lies and the
indiscriminate barbaric destruction which can only
result in unending turmoil, death, annihilation
and insanity; a spiritual renaissance is not made
of these. Forty thousand years from now our
equivalent of cave men drawings–toxic
collateralized debt obligations and worthless
derivative instruments not to mention a redacted
Constitution, will give evidence of yet another
human civilization that self-destructed.

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