Science getting closer to an exercise pill

Researchers at Augusta University in Georgia have found a way to build muscle mass. Nothing gets added to the body. Instead, it’s subtracted. 

The researchers bred lean and obese mice, both of which were unable to produce a protein called myostatin, which inhibits muscle development. As a result, both the fat and lean mice gained muscle mass. 

Just as important, most of the fat mice didn’t show symptoms of heart and artery disease, or metabolic markers indicating diabetes. 

Studies have shown that obese people produce more myostatin than thin people, implicating myostatin as not only a cause of obesity but also as the means by which it perpetuates itself, regardless of people’s devotion to exercise and “eating skinny.” 

TRENDPOST: Scientists are discovering the biochemical causes of a range of health conditions. They claim these breakthroughs will eventually lead to relatively simple cures and prevention without drugs or adoption of extreme lifestyle changes. They project the bio-based treatments will begin to be available for some conditions by 2030.  

Good luck until then. In the meantime, consider whole health healing. 

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