Who can make the sun shine…or at least keep woke censors from destroying the beloved children’s novels of Roald Dahl?

It turns out, a whole lot of pissed-off people who told The Roald Dahl Story Company and its UK publisher, Puffin, to keep their horse-faced, wig-wearing fat grubby fingers off Dahl’s written words.

English author Dahl wrote dozens of children’s books and stories, as well as edgier adult fiction.

Several of his most popular books, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and James and the Giant Peach, were made into movies.

The company which controls the copyrights to Dahl’s works, had announced earlier this February that it was working with Puffin and a group of “sensitivity experts” to rewrite hundreds of passages in his books, to update supposedly unsuitable and discriminatory descriptions deemed potentially harmful to children.

The Trends Journal reported on the absurd criteria and alterations of Dahl’s moral messages and meanings that the censorship represented. (See “WOKE CENSORS FIND THE GOLDEN TICKET.”)

After considerable outcry, including objections by the literature group PEN America, and even King Charle’s wife Camilla, the company backtracked, The New York Post reported.

It said it would still publish changed versions of Dahl’s books, but would also continue to publish the original versions under a “classic” moniker.

“If we start down the path of trying to correct for perceived slights instead of allowing readers to receive and react to books as written, we risk distorting the work of great authors and clouding the essential lens that literature offers on society,” Suzanne Nossel, chief executive of PEN America commented regarding the censorship.

Aaron Terr of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) also reacted, as reported by The Daily Caller:

“If people and organizations across the ideological spectrum hadn’t spoken up, including FIRE and thousands of our supporters, a celebrated collection of literature might have been lost to history. Literature, like all art, offers us an invaluable window into the past and into the imagination and perspective of our fellow human beings. We must stay vigilant against any efforts to close that window.”

Woke Ideology Embedded in Creative Content Tools and AI Content Generators Censoring A New Generation of Creatives

Hollywood and book publishing censorship has become so commonplace, that scripts and stories which go against the grain of diversity quotas and politically correct character depictions, are routinely rejected, regardless of their artistic merit or commercial potential.

The Critical Drinker, Nerdrotic, Black Pilled and other politically incorrect industry critics have attained huge Youtube followings for their incisive take-downs of the “woke” tropes and censorship rendering movies and TV shows into unwatchable, humorless nagfests.

But new tech driven modes of censorship, backed by ideological elite activists, but also governments, via biased regulations being implemented and proposed for AI development, for example, is becoming a huge threat to current authors and creative content creators.

The Trends Journal has forecast and detailed what’s going on in articles such as “YOU WILL OWN NO SOFTWARE AND BE HAPPY—PART ONE” 18 Oct 2022, “YOU WILL OWN NO SOFTWARE AND BE HAPPY—PART TWO” 1 Nov 2022 and “BIDEN ADMINISTRATION SUBVERTS CONSTITUTION WITH “AI BILL OF RIGHTS” 11 Oct 2022.

The rejection of censorship in the case of Roald Dahl, represents a victory for those who value freedom of artistic expression.

But whether artists, creators, and others wishing to express their views in freedom, and the organizations and political leaders that represent them, will recognize the scale of the threat from the next wave of AI tech censorship anytime soon, is another matter.

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