by Bradley J. Steiner
I hope you appreciate why the word demonstrators is in quotes. These outrageous, violent, disruptive, dangerous, destructive, uncivilized bastards are nothing less than riotous insurgents and criminals who, by their antisocial displays of gunfire, arson, vandalism, mob-like presence, intimidation, assault, and socialistic leanings threaten our very way of life
A sad fact of urban living (and quite likely of suburban and even rural living if this atrocious phenomenon is not decisively ended) is that you and I, and every decent citizen of this Republic, will live with the possibility of needing to contend with these rodents on our own.
Frankly, this would not be a very bad thing, as the armed and angry decent citizenry of America could and would easily crush these roaches and eliminate the problem within hours – if only they were unleashed. Disgracefully – and in a sense terrifyingly – we have seen how perfectly innocent persons (Rittenhouse, the McCloskeys, etc.) have been persecuted and pilloried for doing nothing more than exercising their God-given right to self and home protection.
These occurrences portent pure evil. When the very basic rights of individuals are no longer recognized, let alone their exercise permitted, a state of tyranny or anarchy exists – and nothing is more contrary to the American spirit and culture than these plagues upon mankind.
So, what can you do if you are ever faced with intrusion by a leftist garbage mob? How to defend yourself? Can you defend yourself? How should you go about it?
One person cannot oppose a mindless, violent, rioting mob. Even armed with serious ordnance, overwhelming numbers must be countered by a countervailing trained military force… or the mob must be avoided.
A popular tactic of the scum is to block a highway, street, or road. Often, when the response they receive from the occupant(s) of a stopped vehicle is not congruent with their insane ravings, a potentially lethal attack is launched. The driver and occupants are physically attacked, dragged from their car, and beaten or shot. Yes, really. Don’t be so shocked that the co-opted, corrupt, criminal mainstream media refuses to report or mention this. The lousy hacks keep mouthing the party line that the “demonstrators” are “peaceful.”
Following, or along with, any attack on the vehicle’s occupants, the vehicle itself is often attacked. It is set afire and/or smashed and overturned.
My point is that it is obviously serious potential danger is afoot whenever any confrontation threatens with any collection of the rodents. Realize that. Do not listen to the media and propagandistic lies that insist these rioting insurgents are “peaceful demonstrators.”
Check the news and stay abreast of where and when the rioters are to appear. Do not go near that area if you can avoid doing so. If you happen to come on a surprise appearance of this garbage while you are on your way somewhere, STOP. Get the hell out of there. Never mind “you’ll be late” or “it’s an inconvenience.” Contact with these criminals will make you a lot later, and will be – I guarantee – a helluva lot more inconvenient!
My advice, as I hope you already know, is to go armed (legally, according to the law’s requirements for your doing so, I again stress) wherever and whenever possible. If, may God forbid, you are attacked in your vehicle – unable to escape the scene – and you are attacked by a mob of perhaps armed insurgents, you will need that gun! And, believe me, such situations have already occurred. Thank goodness in instances when a vehicle’s occupant was attacked by an armed “demonstrator” and the driver (properly) shot the rioting thug down with a licensed handgun, the driver was not arrested or charged. You can hope for this. But even if you are charged, you’ll be alive. And that’s what matters.
Never, never, never, ever defy the mob directly and drive through them. I understand that white-hot rage and indignation could well arise in such an instance, but do not give into it. Stay cool and react properly. Back up and turn off in another direction. No confrontation.
The only time any engagement with the garbage should occur is when they approach you and you cannot get away from the scene but are forced to defend yourself.
Years ago, when I trained in counter ambush driving, I was taught two tactics I will now pass on to you. I do so with the caveat that you:
Bear full responsibility for your use, misuse, or abuse of this or any tactical instruction I pass on to you. I already specified: absolutely no use of aggressive actions of any kind should be made, except in unavoidable need of lawful self-defense.

  1. RAMMING of a vehicle that blocks your way is done by directing your vehicle toward the front or rear end of the blocking vehicle. You must literally drive right through, no hesitations, pauses, or waffling. Slam full force and continue to step on the gas and drive!
  2. ARMED or massed rioters who are perceived to be a direct threat to your life by blocking and aggressively approaching your vehicle and who cannot be otherwise avoided are dealt with by driving at full speed through them… running down any life-threatening individuals who are in the direct path of your vehicle and who do not move out of the way.

Drive onto a sidewalk, if you must, and keep driving! On no account allow yourself to stop your vehicle. An interesting fact is that there has never been a successful attack/ambush against any vehicle – even by armed and trained terrorists – when that vehicle continued driving and was not and could not be brought to a stop. Once stopped, you are a stationary target, a “sitting duck” as it were; and God knows you cannot allow that to happen.
Ruthless stuff. But so is rioting and attacking drivers and their vehicles –  often leading to maiming or killing them.
I pass this information on to you in good faith and again with the emphasis that it is to be used only in the unavoidable defense of life and limb. Anger and outrage and indignation must be controlled, for your own good. These emotions by themselves never justify forceful action.
Let’s both hope this instruction remains forever purely theoretical and you never need to use it.

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