Restoring the power of the original American Constitution

Stockholm 26th September 2014

Dear Mr Celeste,

My name is Per Lundgren. I have partaken a thorough research of Article 1, Section 8 (Powers of Congress) of the
American constitution. I now have finished the manuscript for a stand-alone book (normal sized text of about 155 A4
pages) about how the American people already in the 1700s, in fact, was tricked regarding its ideals and its
revolution, while European bankers won the then duel around the same time that the nation (USA) was founded in the
late 1700s. But even more important is the fact that I am in the book also points out how amazingly easy it
actually is to solve the current economic problems in the United States with to the paper a giantic public debt. In
my book I show that in the Constitutional text there are four built-in loopholes/gaps that bankers now use to check
the USA economically. These four loopholes/gaps are so formulated that they very well may also be used “in the
other direction,” ie, as four door openers for the benefit of the American people, which the bankers at all costs
to withhold the people and the Supreme Court of the United States.

I think my book would interest you, Mr Celeste. I wonder if I may send you the manuscript of my stand-alone book as
a gift in an email annex? The title is: The Finacial Hijacking of the American Revolution. How America became
capitalist – translated into legible but not perfect English of my brother, with the hope of getting your point of
view and perhaps establish cooperation in the area of restoring the power of the original constitution?

Yours Sincerely

Per Lundgren

Nacka, Sweden

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