As we have continually reported in the Trends Journal, politicians and their bureaucratic flunkies are making up reopening business rules.
On Sunday, one of them, Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio, said, “This is a virus we’re still learning a lot about. We don’t know a great deal about it.”
Yes, they don’t know, and never knew “a great deal about it,” but decided to lock down most of the nation anyway… and continue to do so with the new orders for re-opening.
Simon Property Group, one of the U.S.’s largest mall owners, was blocked in its plan to reopen malls in Indiana and New York earlier this month when officials, particularly those in areas with severe COVID infection rates, said it was too soon to encourage people back to public spaces.
Malls in Georgia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas have reopened, but the company has postponed reopening four Indiana malls from 1 May until this week after some counties extended their lockdowns by two weeks.
One New York official expressed “shock” on learning the company would open seven malls in that state on 16 May, the day after New York’s lockdown order was relaxed somewhat. Simon since has said it will observe local orders.
Illinois is lifting restrictions at a slower pace. Governor J.B. Pritzker said that reopening malls will have to happen “over the course of months and not in the immediate next phase” of the state’s plans for restarting its economy.
TREND FORECAST: The general consensus of the public, brainwashed by their braindead politicians, is, “It’ll come back.”
No, the economy won’t come back. Especially since it was in decline before the politicians locked it down.
And now, with their no-exit strategy to the COVID War they launched, which destroyed the economy and people’s lives, the maniacs who most promoted it, as exemplified by California’s lockdown champ, Governor Gavin Newsome, don’t know how to end it.
During his performance on the Cartoon News Network (CNN) last week, the tyrant who took full control of the 40 million people he rules admitted he didn’t have a clue what to do next: “The question is, how to you toggle back and make meaningful modifications to the stay-at-home-order?”

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