A Colorful Water Pistol Laying On Its Side

The anti-Russian indoctrination begins early in the U.S.

Reuters, one of the leading news services in the world, ran a 14-photo slideshow that showed children in Central Park responding to a life-sized Vladimir Putin statue riding a toy-sized tank made by French street artist James Colomina. The news agency said the display was making an “impromptu journey to playgrounds around the world.” (See Slideshow)

The cover photo included straight-faced girls, about 5 or 6 years old, pointing a water gun at the statue as though they were about to pull the trigger. Another girl, about the same age, was photographed pouring sand on top of Putin’s head.   

The Trends Journal reached out to Reuters and Colomina for comment. 

The red resin statue emerged at a park in Brussels to mark the one-year anniversary of the war in February, The Brussels Times reported. The paper said it has already appeared in Paris, Barcelona, and London. The paper said that Colomina said his goal was to create a statue that serves to highlight both the “absurdity of war and the courage” shown by Ukrainian children.

TRENDPOST: Imagine, for a moment, that Russian news outlets ran photo slideshows that showed children—about kindergarten-aged—pointing water guns at a statue mocking President George W. Bush when he decided to invade Iraq or Afghanistan. 

Americans would use the images as evidence that Russians are a war-mongering people, and begin indoctrinating children to hate the U.S. before they can spell. 

We asked Reuters in an email if the photographer was assigned to just watch the statue to see the public’s reactions or if these children were somehow encouraged. Imagine a 5-year-old walking into a playground and seeing a red statue of a man in a suit, saying to himself, “That’s that warmonger Putin, let me go and shoot him in the head.” 

These children are encouraged by their parents to hate Russia and Putin because they were encouraged to hate the Soviet Union when they were children. Most Americans have no clue about Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, and follow the mainstream media whores who privately laugh inside editorial board meetings when they see children pointing water guns at the Russian president’s temple. (See “RUSSIA SAYS NO UKRAINE WAR IF KYIV ABIDED MINSK AGREEMENT” 17 Jan 2023, “MERKEL ADMITS THAT MINSK AGREEMENT WAS A RUSE, RUSSIA CALLS FOR TRIBUNAL” and “GERMANY’S MERKEL MAKES IT CLEAR: MINSK AGREEMENT VIOLATED.”)

Why should we expect anything differently? Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., famously called on Putin to be assassinated publicly at least twice since the war began. After all, these are the “leaders” we tell our children to emulate.  

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