Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday said at a meeting that there has been a significant change in the West’s reaction to the Ukraine invasion in recent weeks and criticized the “irresponsible statements” made by representatives from the EU. 
Putin said these officials have realized that Russia will not be defeated by Ukraine and so they are attempting to “achieve a different objective instead—to split Russian society, to destroy Russia from within. But here, too, there is a hitch; this hasn’t worked either,” according to RT
The Russian president, who has been vilified in the Western media, said the West has turned to “terror” and arranged the “murder of our journalists.” He claimed the CIA has been working with Ukraine to provide the names of some of these journalists, including Vladimir Solovyov, a Russian TV host. 
Russia claimed that it nabbed members of a “neo-Nazi terrorist” group inside Russia that planned to kill Solovyov on orders from Ukraine, a report said.
“They have resorted to terror! To preparing the murders of our journalists. We know by name the curators of Western secret services, primarily, of course, from the CIA, who work with the security agencies of Ukraine,” Putin said on TV.  
The State Department did not immediately respond to an inquiry from the Trends Journal. 
RT reported that Putin said this is a common position that the U.S. takes towards journalists. 
“All they care about is their own rights, some cherishing imperial ambitions, others holding on to their colonial past in the old-fashioned way. But this will not work in Russia,” Putin said.
TREND FORECAST: We too maintain our forecast that Russia will defeat the Ukraine government despite the billions of dollars of lethal weaponry being sent to Ukraine by the U.S. and NATO. Yet, there is not a word in the Western media about a Ukraine defeat, nor are there any pushes for peace by the United Nations to end the slaughter and destruction and negotiate a ceasefire. 
TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal is completely opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, but—as we have long pointed out—it does not come as a surprise since Moscow views Kyiv’s partnership with the U.S. and NATO as an existential threat. 
But we have been calling for Kyiv to sit down and negotiate for peace. Russia has already identified its demands. 
Its top demand is that Ukraine agrees to take a neutral stance and will not apply for NATO membership. Zelensky has already agreed to this requirement. 
The BBC reported that Kyiv would also have to disarm, would have to deNazify, and must protect the Russian language in the eastern region of the country.
Russia has pulled its troops from Kyiv to focus on its offensive in the east. 
Mykhailo Podolyak, a Ukrainian negotiator, told Reuters that there will be no meeting with Putin until “after the country defeated Russia in the east, which would bolster its negotiating position.”

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