Has the world gone mad?
On orders of politicians, over four billion people are locked down.
In the United States alone, some 300 million citizens, “from sea to shining sea,” are “sheltered-in-place.” To date, 22 million people filed for unemployment.
Multiply that number by the billions out of work across the globe.
Do you know what the impact will be?
No worries. Everything will be fine. The politicians and their expert flunkies know what’s best for you.
Just pay attention to the New York Times, the “Paper of Record,” which declared on Sunday, “Most experts believe that once the crisis is over the nation and economy will revive quickly.”
“Most experts”?
They mean, as with the entire mainstream media, the select group of hacks and sellouts they continually quote who support their agenda and political ideologies.
Global Pain and Suffering
In India, before the pandemic panic lockdown, riots and demonstrations were sweeping the nation over lack of basic living standards and government corruption.
The lockdown in India is now extended through 3 May at minimum. With businesses closed down, economic conditions have rapidly deteriorated.
As we have covered in numerous Trend Journal articles over the last few months, India’s economy had experienced several quarters of slowing economic growth, and millions were losing their jobs.
Therefore, with only 556 people out of a population of 1.3 billion killed by the virus since Sunday, as with South Africa, Chile, and other nations where uprisings against the establishment were escalating… the shutdown of these nations was more politically motivated than health related.
The living conditions in many of these countries are far more deadly than COVID-19. For example, in India last year, some 1.2 million died from air pollution, yet the country was not closed down.
Among those hit the hardest are the millions of migrant workers, who are calling for food aid as soup kitchens are overwhelmed with starving men, women, and children. Several protests have broken out in India over the lockdown.
This is just one example of the worldwide crisis inflicted on billions when data proves the cost of lives destroyed by politicians far surpasses the lives destroyed by COVID-19.
Facts Don’t Add Up To The Panic
As we go to press, 171,810, out of a global population of 7.7 billion, have died from COVID-19.
Reports claim the virus has peaked in China, where it first broke out. While their numbers are questioned by the media and politicians, the “official” number of deaths is 4,632 out of a population of 1.4 billion.
Considering 1.8 million Chinese die each year from environmental pollution, China’s coronavirus deaths add up to virtually nothing.
Yet, this fact is dismissed as non-essential, and the debate rages that possibly two to three times more Chinese have died from the virus than reported. Those numbers still would pale in comparison to the other diseases and living conditions that kill millions.
Again, we note China and India as nations with the top two largest populations as examples of how information is distorted, packaged, and sold by the media, while ignoring the hard facts that negate the cause for the hysteria they have created.
Keep Your Pants On
Last week, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan declared, “Here in the Washington-Baltimore corridor we’re still heading up that curve… it would really be the worst possible time to put our people out there and endanger them.”
The Governor – another boy born on third base and thought he hit a home run, who’s daddy was a Congressman – now pretending to be a top scientist, proclaimed, “This is going to be one of our most dangerous times ever, this weekend.”
At the time of his announcement, there were 349 deaths in Maryland out of a population of six million or 0.0067 percent.
Enforcing Hogan’s “worst possible time” for people to be violating Executive Orders, the Taneytown Police Department in MD posted this direct threat on Facebook: “Please remember to put pants on before leaving the house to check your mailbox. You know who you are. This is your final warning.”
By Orders of The Government
 In the “Sunshine State” of Florida, its Surgeon General, Scott Rivkees, stated on 13 April that despite encouraging news the number of coronavirus cases had levelled off, residents should plan on keeping their social distance and wearing face masks in public for up to a year:
“Until we get a vaccine, which is a while off, this is going to be our new normal and we need to adapt and protect ourselves.” He then added, “As long as we’re going to have COVID in the environment, and this is a tough virus, we’re going to have to practice these measures so that we are all protected.”
As of last Thursday, 663 had died in Florida from COVID-19 in a state of nearly 22 million people or 0.003 percent. The “new normal”?
Emperor of The Empire State
Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is the “most trusted voice” for news about coronavirus, according to a recent statewide poll. Announced at a 13 April press conference, Cuomo said, “I believe the worst is over if we continue to be smart.”
Despite his good news that the worst was over, the governor put himself back on the royal throne proclaiming, “When is this over? I say, personal opinion, it’s over when we have a vaccine. It’s over when people know, ‘I’m 100% safe and I don’t have to worry about this.’ When does that happen? When we have a vaccine. When do we have a vaccine? 12 to 18 months.”
As part of his plan to keep New York State residents “100% safe,” last Wednesday, Governor Cuomo offered one of his “to be smart” strategies going forward, asking for residents to be “test cases” for vaccine experiments:
“You want to use New York State as a laboratory, we are ready, willing and able. Any way the New York State Department of Health can work with the FDA to reduce that testing period, we are all in and energized and creative and ambitious about it. Anything we can do to accelerate that vaccine, we will do. You need a place to test it in large numbers? Think of New York.”
TRENDPOST: As we have continually pointed out in previous issues of the Trends Journal, the self-centeredness of who Cuomo is and how he has the right to dictate is evidenced by both his words and deeds. We have noted that when he issues orders and makes proclamations, as seen from his statements above, it is made with the word “I”: “I Believe,” “I say.”
 But, when he issues the orders for citizens to use “New York State as a laboratory” and its people as vaccine guinea pigs, for example, he drops the “I” for “We”… giving the people the marching orders, that “we are ready, willing and able,” and “we will do what we can do to accelerate that vaccine.”
 TRENDPOST: A recent survey in Ireland found that a vaccine for COVID-19 is supported by the 65 percent of Americans, while 9 percent said definitely not.
“Only 65 percent of people saying yes is staggering low given what were are going through,” said Dr. Philip Hyland an associate professor of psychology of Maynooth University, which conducted the survey and is quoted in the New York Times.
“If the 26 percent of people who are saying maybe can be shifted to the yes category, then we would have over 90 percent uptake, which should be enough,” he said.
Thus, those opposing vaccines are dismissed as irrelevant and always absent in mainstream media coverage regarding vaccines, as are medical doctors (not “associate professor of psychology”) disputing adverse effects from vaccinations.
Last Thursday, Governor Cuomo, who renamed “shelter-in-place with his more friendly “on pause,” extended his executive order lockdown he declared on 22 March to 15 May.
Knowing what’s best for the little people, Cuomo said, “This is government [a.k.a. him] saying stay in your house, don’t touch another person.”
“Don’t touch another person?”
Yes, said Cuomo, “These are some of the most life-changing policies government has ever issued.”
The governor also signed an Executive Order ordering everyone to wear face coverings when in a public setting.
TRENDPOST: On the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, it states: “You do not need to wear a face mask unless you are caring for someone who is sick (and they are not able to wear a facemask).”
Now, they changed it, saying they recommend “all Americans wear a face mask in public – you can make your own using a T-shirt or handkerchief,” as though there is scientific data that playing the masked man, with a handkerchief over ones nose and mouth, will stop the virus.  
Neither does the World Health Organization (WHO) endorse widespread mask use.
And, according to Dr. May Chu, clinical professor in epidemiology at the Colorado School of Public Health, wearing a face mask may “impede only about 2% of airflow.”
Governor Cuomo was lauded with praise and gratitude for recently launching a “COVID-19 Heroes Compensation Fund” to support healthcare workers who became sick with COVID-19 while working on the front lines at hospitals and clinics.
What’s left out of the story by the mainstream American media is that many in New York blame Mr. Cuomo for nine years of continual hospital budget cuts.
Sean Petty, a pediatric nurse and member of the New York State Nurse’s Union, said on 3 April, “Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly stated, over and over again, that New York has excess capacity of hospital beds, that it’s too expensive and not needed and we need to reduce spending. He said this over and over again throughout his entire tenure… If this budget goes through in April, next year’s health and hospitals budget is going to be devastating.”
Mr. Petty pointed out that Governor Cuomo wants to slash Medicaid spending to New York hospitals by over $400 million.
Also not mentioned in the coverage of this “heroic” compensation fund for frontline medical workers is that on 9 April, Governor Cuomo announced the deferment of an agreed on 2 percent pay raise for 80,000 state union workers, which includes healthcare workers in state prisons and mental health facilities.
Mary Sullivan, president of the Civil Service Employees Association, reacted by saying, “It’s inexcusable to require our workers to literally face death to ensure the state keeps running and then turn around and deny those very workers their much-deserved raise in this time of crisis.”
More Fear, Less Evidence
As reported for months in the Trends Journal, the early estimates of the number of deaths from COVID-19 are small compared to other killers such as the common flu, air pollution, tuberculosis, cigarette smoking, obesity-related diseases, etc.
We have noted since the beginning of the outbreak how it has been greatly exaggerated by a mainstream media that thrives on drama and conflict and political leaders seizing on the psychotic breakdown from the 24/7 cycle of hyped-up fearful news to impose more authoritarian controls over their citizens.
Now we have further hard evidence.
In Denmark, tests were carried on some 1,500 blood donors, which revealed the mortality rate from COVID-19 is significantly lower than predicted. In fact, the results showed a death rate 20 times lower than that from the WHO.
As the study also pointed out, the approximately 7,000 Danes known to have the virus is a small number compared to those who actually have or have had the virus, since most who get it either have no symptoms or those so mild, they never report it.
The scientific report estimates the total number of those who likely have had or have the virus to be up to 400,000, thus significantly lowering the percentage of those who actually die from coronavirus or get seriously ill.
To show how the mainstream media filters out not deadly news about the virus and magnifies frightening, exaggerated estimates and predictions, try finding a network, cable news channel, or major U.S. newspaper reporting on the results from Professor Hendrick Streeck, Director of the Institute of Virology at the University Bonn in Germany, who stated in an interview, “There have been NO proven infections while shopping or at the hairdressers.”
Dr. Streeck is leading a research team in one of Germany’s hardest-hit COVID-19 areas. In one home where family members have tested positive, no live virus could be found on any surface, which raises major questions about how in fact the virus spreads.
Based on results thus far, Professor Streeck says the most likely way the virus spreads is at large gatherings where participants are in close proximity over a long period of time, such as sports stadiums and large public gatherings – not at small social interactions.

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