Mass protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer have further slowed the reopening of the global economy.
Apple stores that had reopened shut down again, and some were boarded up after several were broken into. Macy’s also boarded over it’s NYC store, delayed reopening some stores, and closed others until the unrest cools down.
Some Burger King and Popeye’s restaurants were damaged in protests and several of the outlets closed early to protect workers. Two TGI Friday’s eateries in Atlanta and Baltimore cut hours to conform with local curfews.
McDonald’s and Starbucks are among the companies that have used the occasion to plan company-wide discussions about racism.
“It’s hard to find the right words to capture just how challenging the last few days have been,” said Brian Cornell, CEO of the Minneapolis-based Target discount store chain.
TREND FORECAST: Absent a united mass movement to foster peace and prosperity for all… riots, protests, and demonstrations will accelerate into the foreseeable future across the globe, bringing down businesses and economies.

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