Profit from peace

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Before Gerald Celente and the Trends Research Institute formally launch the Occupy Peace initiative at a rally September 20 in Kingston, NY, the institute will be hosting a very special conference, September 17-19, dedicated to living wisely and productively in a poisoned, violent world.

The conference, “Peace and Prosperity: New Trend Lines To Profit,” is open to subscribers at a discounted rate at THIS LINK.

Celente will be joined by renowned economist and geo-political expert Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, health and well-being expert Gary Null, millennial trends analyst Timothy Malcolm and a growing list of other notables.

Economic, quality of life, cultural, educational, health, aging and other trend lines will be explored in the context of a world consumed by war and violence – abroad and at home.

Join other subscribers and invited guests from all over the world for this unique conference, which will culminate with the Occupy Peace Rally at noon on Sunday, September 20. (

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