The pro-Israel campaign being waged by billionaires against universities that do not come out forcefully in favor of Israel’s brutal attacks on Gaza has reached a fever pitch as Wall Street tycoons try to wield their influence. 

Marc Rowan, the CEO of Apollo Global Management, which was founded by Leon Black, who once paid pedophile Jeffery Epstein $158 billion, has announced that he will pause donations to his alma mater, University of Pennsylvania, over the school’s response to the Hamas attack. 

Liz Magill, the school’s president, called the attack “horrific” but did not do enough to condemn the attacks, the Financial Times reported. (See “UNIVERSITIES THAT ALLOW FREE SPEECH LOSE MILLIONS FROM PRO-ISRAEL DONORS,” 24 Oct 2023.)

Rowan said he believes the school tailored its message purposely not to be forceful. 

“I don’t think the university gives a crap, to be candid,” he said, according to the paper.

Andy Rachleff, a venture capitalist and trustee at Penn, told the paper that Rowan is trying to “strong-arm the university using the classic Apollo playbook and we are not going to succumb to these tactics even if it results in lower donations. The soul of the university is not for sale.”

Bloomberg reported that Penn is not the only school to face such blowback from donors over the attack, but “none has been as convulsed as Penn.” The report noted that besides Rowan, Law & Order’s Dick Wolf, Ronald Lauder, and Jon Huntsman have all lashed out against the school.

Another issue at the school was the decision to allow a three-day Palestine Writes Literature Festival at Penn’s Wolf Humanities Center in September. Some of the speakers were accused of making antisemitic comments in the past.

“We’re not going to be held hostage by a minority of donors. If you want a premiere faculty, you have to support free speech,” Rachleff said.

TRENDPOST: Magill, the school’s president, said she is sorry that anyone doubted her position and hopes that, in time, those who have announced a break from the school will re engage, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.  

“Our Jewish community is afraid,” she said. “Our Muslim, Arab, and Palestinian communities feel unseen and unheard. I condemn the death threats and doxing that many at Penn are experiencing based only on their identity, their affiliations, or their views of the suffering in this war. This is a dark and difficult time for the world. And it is a dark and difficult time for Penn.”

TREND FORECAST: The ongoing attacks against students protesting Israeli genocide of Palestinians by billionaires who fund colleges not only illustrates their power, but also how their money establishes the foundation of what  students should be taught and what they must believe. And if they don’t follow their orders, they will be blacklisted from getting a job in the White Shoe Boy’s Club on Wall Street or in the banking syndicate. 

If this happened in another country, American politicians and the Presstitute media would condemn the billionaires for their role in stopping free speech.

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