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Powerful voices in economics, psychology, aging and pop culture will be joining global forecaster Gerald Celente during “Find Your Future In Trends,” an invigorating, dynamic one-day conference in Kingston, N.Y. this spring.
Respected economics analyst Nomi Prins and internationally-known psychoanalyst Aryeh Maidenbaum will be among the speakers joining Celente on Saturday, June 6. The conference, held at the Trends Research Institute’s historic facilities,play will showcase Celente’s patented Globalnomics® method for forecasting trends.

World-Renowned Speakers

The morning session, featuring journalist, author and speaker Prins, will explore the origins and effects of two of Celente’s powerful forecasts – Bankism and Takeovers. The session will examine how capitalism has crumbled at the hands of bankers, a complicit political power structure and a rigged playing field for the common person.

“Nomi is simply one of the pre-eminent experts on this topic in the world,” said Celente. “Her books, articles and public appearances have demonstrated deep, penetrating knowledge of the subject matter.”

Her latest book, “All the Presidents’ Bankers,” explores the relationship of past presidents to key bankers during the last century.

The afternoon session will mine the roots of trends taking shape in modern culture and how those trends are affecting us today, particularly for two distinct groups – boomers and millennials.

Aging, Health, Culture on Agenda

Featured among other speakers in the afternoon session will be Maidenbaum, PhD, a Jungian analyst, author and lecturer who will explore the effects of an aging world on quality of life, self-expression and overall culture.

Maidenbaum has taught courses on Jungian psychology and has led Jungian seminars for decades. Currently director of the New York Center for Jungian Studies, he led a Library of Congress symposium on aging in 2012. 

Maidenbaum is a graduate of the Jung Institute of Zurich. Central to the work of Carl Jung was his insights into the “afternoon of life” and the critical need to awaken beauty, creativity and expression as we age.

The afternoon segment will also show how Celente’s patented Globalnomics®trend-forecasting method is unearthing significant trend lines for millennials, natural health movements, pop culture and more.

Throughout the day, Celente will teach the methods he has perfected over nearly four decades of tracking trends. By the end of the day, participants will have the tools and perspective they need to “prepare, survive and prevail.”

In addition to formal sessions, the conference, like all institute conferences, will provide time to interact directly with Celente, speakers and conference participants who travel from throughout the United States and several other countries to attend. The cost, including meals, music and entertainment, is $400 for TrendsResearch.com subscribers and $550 for non-subscribers. 

To register, visit THIS LINK, or call 845-331-3500, ext. 102, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. To watch a short video about our conferences, go to THIS LINK. Staying overnight? The newly-renovated Garden Plaza Best Western Hotel is a half-mile away and offers discounts for conference attendees. Mention “trends” to receive the rate when you reserve your room at 845-338-0400.

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Gerald Celente: Trendsresearch.com
Nomi Prins: Nomiprins.com
Aryeh Maidenbaum: NYJungcenter.org
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