According to a new poll of 1,015 Americans aged 50 and older, conducted in late August by the Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center, there are stark contrasts in the way older Americans view COVID-19 risks and vaccination status.
The essential finding of the AP-NORC poll is that vaccinated older Americans are more fearful than their unvaccinated counterparts. Even with the dreaded Delta variant accounting for a doubling, since June, of the percentage of those who worry about themselves or a loved one being infected, vaccinated persons are far more likely to be in the “worried” category. In fact, 61 percent of unvaccinated persons are “not worried,” whereas only 25 percent of vaccinated persons make that claim.
In fact, while increasing numbers of unvaccinated older Americans are returning to normal—traveling, returning to gyms, churches, restaurants and crowded venues—it’s the vaccinated who remain hunkered down or never going anywhere without a mask. And it’s also the vaccinated who are less likely to rate their quality of life and general happiness as satisfactory; see “TV STATION SOLICITS UNVAXXED HORROR STORIES, GETS DELUGE OF VAXXED HORROR STORIES INSTEAD: MEDIA IGNORES THE FINDINGS” (21 Sep 2021). 
The AP report states as a given that the unvaxxed are at greater risk from COVID-19, and claims they choose to ignore such risks on the grounds that the government is exaggerating them; see “JOIN THE VAXXED HERD? MANY AMERICANS SAY ‘NO'” (11 May 2021).
Dr. Irwin Redlener, of Columbia U.’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness, ascribes this dichotomy to vaxxed persons having a realistic respect for science while unvaxxed persons have little such respect. Furthermore, vaxxed persons who remain worried tend to blame their worries on the unvaxxed, whom they see as being “selfish.” “Their stubborn point of view,” said one vaccinated 61 yr. old (who is still afraid to travel, go shopping, eat in a restaurant or swim in a public pool) of the unvaccinated, “keeps them from resolving a health crisis.” 
TRENDPOST: Totally absent in this article is why are vaxxed afraid? If they are vaxxed with a gene therapy shot that was sold with a 96 percent efficacy rate then they are allegedly safe. And who are the un-vaxxed threatening? Allegedly, only those who are not vaxxed. Indeed, the fear and hysteria is illogical, yet, the constant bombardment from Presstitutes and politicians keeps the general public worried that they will be victims of the COVID War.

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