Sixty-four percent of adults across 17 countries believe their children will live in worse financial condition than their parents, a new Pew Research Center poll has found.
In the U.S., the proportion was 68 percent; in France and Japan, the belief is held by 77 percent of people responding to the poll.
Baby Boomers largely had begun careers and bought homes before 2006’s Great Recession struck.
In contrast, before Millennials and younger adults could firmly establish careers and households, they encountered economic turmoil following the September 11 terror attacks, swiftly followed by the Great Recession, and now 2020’s economic collapse, the worst in 90 years.
Of the 17 countries surveyed, adults in only Singapore and Sweden believe their children will do better financially than their parents.
Women were more likely than men to see the present economy as bad, but there was no difference in views based on age, education, or ideological leanings.
TRENDPOST: Never a word from the Presstitute herd of the serious damage inflicted upon the public by the launching of the War on Terror and the COVID Wars that have destroyed hundreds of millions of lives and livelihoods.  Moreover, absent in the report is how the Bigs, from hi-tech to heavy industry, have monopolized virtually every sector of the economy and destroyed what once was small enterprise and family businesses. 
Back in the Baby Boom era of America, the polls always showed that the future would be better than the past. Now the opposite is true. In fact, a TV Reality Show Champion by the name of Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election promoting his MAGA campaign to “Make America Great Again.”

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