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Democracy is no longer viable, and a new system should be implemented in the U.S., according to a large portion of American voters from both political parties.

The University of Virginia’s Center for Politics released a poll last week that found 31 percent of Donald Trump supporters and 24 percent of President Joe Biden supporters agreed that traditional democracy is dead. 

The poll also asked if political violence is ever acceptable to achieve goals. About 41 percent of Biden supporters agreed with the comment compared to 38 percent of those who support the former president. 

The poll also found a deep level of mistrust of the opposing party. About 52 percent of Biden supporters believe those who support the Republican party are “a threat to American life,” while 47 percent of Trump supporters feel the same way about Democrats. 

The survey was conducted from 25 August to 11 September and included 2,008 registered voters. 

Censorship, No Freedom of Speech

The poll showed how willing the American people are to live under authoritarian rule. About 30 percent of Trump supporters and 25 percent of Biden supporters agree that elections should be suspended if there is a crisis, while 47 percent of Biden supporters, and 35 percent of Trump supporters believe the government should crack down on views seen as “discriminatory or offensive.”

The Miami Herald noted that the support for a more powerful government comes at a time when a recent poll found that just 16 percent of Americans trust the government to do the right thing at least most of the time.

TRENDPOST: Subscribers to The Trends Journal know that we have been documenting how un-democratic the U.S. actually is, and how the majority of Americans don’t even care. (See “U.S. DUH-MOCK-RACY: BILLIONAIRES BACK BIDEN. NO MONEY, NO CHANCE OF GETTING ELECTED” 2 May 2023, “U.S. ELECTIONS: A BILLIONAIRES’ CIRCUS” 28 Jun 2022, “U.S. ELECTIONS: DUH-MOCK-RACY. BIG MONEY RULES” 31 May 2022, and “U.S. ELECTIONS: MONEY MOB IN FULL CONTROL” 8 Feb 2022.)

Gerald Celente has been calling on a Third Party in the U.S. because of the corruption in Washington. Democracy in the U.S. works for those who are members of “The Club” but leaves many Americans teetering on the brink of financial ruin. 

We’ve reported in July that about half of Americans said they are open to voting for a third political party.

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