By Laura Martin
We all know that what’s happening in Iran is serious, and it’s distressing.  But what can you or I, the “average” person, do about it?
I spoke with Gerald on the phone the “morning after” the news of President Trump’s assassination of Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s second-in-command general.  Gerald said (and I quote), “I am heartbroken.”  It was followed by a deep sigh of despair, and then he said, “The first shot of World War III has been fired. This could be the beginning of the end of life on Earth as we know it.”
2020 marks Gerald’s 40th year of trend forecasting. He’s been following worldwide socioeconomic and geopolitical events with astute observation with an unparalleled trend forecasting track record. Gerald spends countless hours upon hours reading an array of global news sources on a daily basis and countless additional hours analyzing, forecasting, and reporting on the data.
Trump’s actions have forced Planet Earth into precarious and unprecedented times.  The question for you, me, and everyone now is, “What can I do?”
Well, that depends what team you are on.
As it stands, there are three teams:
#1. “Heil Hitler”
#2.  “Do Nothing”
#3. “Occupy Peace” 

#1. Team “Heil Hitler” 
Those on Team Heil Hitler back their leader’s decision to have blown up Soleimani. (For lack of a more delicate way of phrasing it.)
You believe it had to be done because your leader said so.  It makes no difference that he and his staff of officials have not provided one shred of evidence to support their accusations that the general killed hundreds of Americans and planned “imminent and sinister” attacks that would have killed hundreds more.
You believe what your leader says and does without doubting or even questioning it.  Ignored are any consequences of revenge from his actions.
Heil Hitler!  In HuffPost-YouGov survey on the Iran airstrike, as of Monday, 6 January, 43 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s assassination of Suleimani.
#2. Team “Do Nothing”
Members Team Do Nothing may not agree with the President’s actions, but they share a common belief that yeah, what’s happening with Iran is “bad,” but feel they’re helpless – there’s nothing they can do about it.  They jut sit back, hope for the best, and carry on with their day-to-day lives.
#3. Team “Occupy Peace”
First and foremost, members of Team Occupy Peace join a collective conscience embracing the thought of “Peace over War.”
That’s where it begins in each and every one of us: with a thought… we have to start somewhere.
From there, team members can seek out others who share this sentiment and create their own movements individually or from a grassroots level in whatever way is inspiring and peace-promoting.
For those on Team Occupy Peace who feel strongly about the movement, we respectfully suggest visiting the “Occupy Peace” website, founded by Gerald Celente, and consider contributing.
At the Trends Journal, we are members of Team Occupy Peace.  In whatever capacity, we would love you to join us – in thought, in action – all for one, one for all: each individual acting for the benefit of Team Occupy Peace, and the Team acting for the benefit of each individual.

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