Gerald Celente and Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed the alleged Pentagon document dump during their weekly “Celente & the Judge” meeting, and agreed that the leaked U.S. documents are the equivalent of the Vietnam-era Pentagon Papers.

Napolitano said there are essentially two sides to the debate in Washington: Is the alleged leaker a hero or is he a mastermind or a pawn?

(Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old from the Massachusetts Air National Guard, was charged last Friday inside a Boston federal court for allegedly producing the classified documents and other national defense information.)

“Many of my intelligence community friends believe he is a pawn,” Napolitano said. “That somebody much higher up in the intelligence of military hierarchy got this stuff to him without him knowing how they got it, and knowing that he had a penchant for sharing documents with his chatroom.”

NAPOLITANO: These documents revealed that Ukraine’s air defenses have been horrifically degraded by the Russians, and by the end of next month — which is just six weeks away — the Ukrainian air defenses will be worthless. It also declared their collective view is that Ukraine is losing this war.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin lied when he told the Senate Armed Services Committee that things are going well and it will be a good spring for Ukraine. They expect the exact opposite.

(Newsweek noted that Austin told the committee that Ukraine has a “very good chance” at launching a successful counteroffensive during the spring.)

NAPOLITANO: Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland told a press conference the location of drones, the origins of drones, the location of Russian troops, the movement of Russian troops…all of this is top secret information. So we have Victoria Nuland revealing top secret information with the government’s blessing, we have Jack Teixeira revealing government information, he’s in jail charged with espionage. We have Lloyd Austin, the secretary of defense, lying under oath to the Congress, we have Jack Teixeira telling his buddies the truth. So, which will serve the American public better when they decide whether or not to believe the government?

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