Peace, prosperity and a rally for all to attend

Join Gerald Celente, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, invited speakers, Trends Research Institute analysts and Trends Journal subscribers from all over the world at a special three-day conference dedicated to peace — and culminating in the unveiling of the institute’s Occupy Peace initiative. 

Held Sept. 17-19, the Peace and Prosperity conference will explore the dynamics and root causes of America’s — and much of the world’s — state of endless war. Presentations, group discussions and Q&A sessions will demonstrate how prosperity, quality of life, creativity and economic opportunity are linked to and shaped by war.

The conference also will analyze the propaganda machine behind the selling of war and how it has actually strengthened in an era of consolidated, streamlined traditional media and via the expediency of digitally delivered, targeted information and misinformation.

Following the conference, at noon on Sept. 20, 2015, the institute will launch Occupy Peace, a movement designed to reinstate the core values that gave birth to this nation and provide the tools for advancing peace and restoring prosperity.

The conference, as well as the Occupy Peace rally, take place at the oldest intersection in the United States. At the corners of Crown and John streets in Kingston, NY, stand four pre-Revolutionary War stone structures. Just a half-block away is the Kingston Courthouse, constructed in 1789. The courthouse, and buildings on the site dating to 1683, were the scene of critical episodes in the founding of the nation and the writing of the US Constitution.

For more information, or to register, go to THIS LINK.

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