Peace brings prosperity

KINGSTON, NY, 10 September 2015—It’s been 14 years since 9/11, the day President George W. Bush launched the War on Terror and set the nation on a constant war footing with no end in sight.

Despite the trillions spent and the millions killed in foreign lands, despite ballyhooed military successes that inevitably prove illusory, despite the looming presence of an increasingly intrusive surveillance state, a nation-wide peace movement has never materialized in those 14 years.

As a dying trend, the notion of peace, let alone any formidable movement toward peace, has barely a breath left in it. 

Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute, has documented and accurately predicted as far back as 1993 the manifold ways in which the nation’s political leaders have marketed and sold war as if it were a natural way of American life.

“Since the War on Terror was born in 2001, every few years there is a new enemy to hate and fear, and another country to invade and occupy,” Celente recently said. 

“When asked why the 9/11 attacks happened, Bush said it was ‘because they hate our freedom and liberty.’ Does any thinking adult seriously believe that? The excuses are long gone.” 

“Our economy is barely sustaining itself…and our precious resources are squandered on war,” Celente said. “Occupy Peace will dispel the myth that war is good for the economy. In fact, it’s peace that brings prosperity.”

To that end, Celente has done more than espouse action. He’s taken it. On Sept. 20, at noon, Celente and his Trends Research Institute will launch Occupy Peace with a noontime rally at the four most historic street corners in the United States: the intersection of Crown and John streets in Colonial Kingston, NY, where many of the foundations of the U. S. Constitution were established by the state’s first legislature.

Occupy Peace will be more than a symbolic, 20th century-style anti-war gathering; it will offer action plans with specific goals and objectives attainable through the use of practical “tool boxes,” to ensure the continuance of a peace and prosperity initiative across the country.

Its  guiding principles can best be summarized in seven words: Honor Thy Founding Fathers: No Foreign Entanglements.

“It’s not about isolation, it’s about non-intervention,” Celente added.

The Sept. 20 rally will offer visions of what a state of peace may look and feel like. Celente will be joined by Robert Thurman, a worldwide authority on religions and spirituality, antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan, health and well being advocate Gary Null and other notable speakers to be announced shortly.

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