In an interview with Dr. Chris Shaw, Ph.D., a specialist in Neuroplasticity and Neuropathology, he outlined serious potential problems with novel mRNA vaccine technology:
“The mRNA lipid-coated PEG-construct—by Moderna’s own study—does not stay localized but spreads throughout the body including the brain. Found in animal studies in bone marrow, brain, lymph nodes, heart, kidneys liver, lungs, etc., doctors are saying that the vaccine does NOT cross the blood-brain barrier, but that is NOT true.…
If it reaches the brain there will be an autoimmune response that will cause inflammation. What characterizes virtually all neuro-degenerative diseases is this misfolded protein that is characteristic to Lou Gehrig’s disease, to Alzheimer’s, to Parkinson’s, to Huntington’s, etc. They are different proteins, but they tend to form these sheets of misfolded proteins called Beta Sheets. Now you are asking cells in various parts of the body—including the brain—to make a lot of these proteins and release them to the outside, and, are we sure that’s what it’s all doing? Are you getting clusters of misfolded proteins inside neurons? That would be a bad thing to do…”
Media analyst Mike Whitney argued that the view of many medical professionals casts serious doubt on the efficacy and safety of the COVID vaccines being administered to millions.
“We know that reputable professionals have warned us that these zombie injections could impact fertility health and mortality,” said Whitney. But since those views have been systematically purged and silenced, vast portions of the population aren’t getting the news.
Even prominent politicians like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who not so long ago was an inspiration to activists on the left for his critiques against the vaccine agenda of giant pharmaceutical corporations, has been a casualty of the new “right-think.”
Kennedy himself has spoken about the dangers of trying to vaccinate against coronaviruses:
“What we know about coronavirus from 30 years of experience is that a coronavirus vaccine has a unique peculiarity, which is any attempted making of the vaccine has resulted in the creation of a class of antibodies that actually make vaccinated people sicker when they ultimately suffer exposure to the wild virus.
Following the SARS epidemic that began in 2002, China launched a concerted effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine. They succeeded in developing 30 promising models, and they chose the four “best in class” to fabricate and then test on ferrets, the animal most analogous to human beings when it comes to upper respiratory infections.”
Kennedy’s long experience on the subject of vaccines and the agendas behind them are suddenly verboten. In a detailed exposition by Whitney, he laid out troubling assessments by experts including Kennedy, not crackpots, that should give any thinking person pause about taking a COVID vaccine.
Another example covered by Whitney included a research paper on a condition called Antibody-dependent Enhancement, published in the periodical Nature in July 2020:
“Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of disease is a general concern for the development of vaccines and antibody therapies because the mechanisms that underlie antibody protection against any virus have a theoretical potential to amplify the infection or trigger harmful immunopathology. This possibility requires careful consideration at this critical point in the pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).”
There is no shortage of clinical and expert medical opinion warning about the possible near- and long-term consequences of submitting to a COVID vaccine. Especially for anyone not elderly and in general good health, there would seem to be no logical reason to take it. Spread of virus to others should not be a concern, if those vulnerable others have taken the vaccine themselves. And it has been well established that persons not experiencing symptoms such as a fever or coughing are not liable to spread the virus.
Whitney said he is not an “anti-vaxxer.” But he said it only makes sense to be a careful vaxxer:
“Let’s follow the science. We are in way over our heads because those that control are pushing these vaccines. Fear and money and power are huge motivators. The vaccines may be a bit helpful for now; but long term, I have significant concerns here. For obvious reasons.”

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