On the heels of our reporting and forecast last week that the COVID War is turning to the battlefield of childhood immunizations, the CDC just released numbers bearing us out.

According to CDC statistics released last Thursday, the number of children whose parents are choosing not to give them the recommended childhood vaccines has reached an all-time high. 

Mandates, lockdowns and lies surrounding controversial mRNA treatments deceptively equated with traditional “vaccines,” appear to have resulted in a massive loss of trust in medical and government authorities.

An NBC story on the CDC numbers quoted Dr. Amna Husain, a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Pediatrics: “There is a rising distrust in the health care system. [Vaccine exemptions] have unfortunately trended upward with it.” (“CDC reports highest childhood vaccine exemption rate ever in the U.S.,” 9 Nov 2023.)

Many parents believe the truly unfortunate catastrophe was medical authorities shilling to pressure big pharma experimental and highly controversial technology on millions of Americans, in an atmosphere of media fueled hysteria over COVID.

On social media platform X, many parents reacted to the CDC report by noting how their trust in the medical system had been destroyed. On a thread by Dr. Kat Lindley, Director of GlobalHProject (, there was this exchange:

Jonas Goldsmith


When they lied to the world persistently for years about disease, prevention and treatment, what exactly did they THINK was going to be the outcome?

Loss of trust in a situation like this is going to prove nearly impossible to regain. 

An entire overhaul of the system will be needed, with MASSIVELY upgraded transparency and EVIDENCE BASED TREATMENT if these ghouls ever want to be taken seriously again.

Dr. Kat Lindley


Yes. Loss of trust is a huge issue and well deserved based on the performance. The system is broken and needs huge overhaul.

According to the CDC, three percent of kindergarten-bound students in the most recently tabulated academic year (2022–2023) received a state vaccination exemption. 

It’s the highest number of exemptions ever recorded.

Exemptions increased in forty states, and went up by more than five percent in ten of those states: Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Hawaii, a deep blue state which had some of the most draconian COVID measures, signals just how far public trust has been eroded by COVID related actions of authorities.

TRENDPOST: As the Trends Journal has long reported in depth, targeting children, whether by forcing them into remote learning, or by pressuring parents to have them take COVID jabs when their risk for serious outcomes from the virus were near zero, has been one of the saddest chapters of the COVID War.

A generation has been educationally damaged. And it has been conclusively shown that COVID shots cause heart problems in young people, especially young males, that in an earlier time, would’ve seen the treatments banned.

Vaccines and other medicines rolled out from the 1970’s to the early 2000’s, for example, that led to far fewer adverse medical events than the COVID shots, were removed from public use.

Quite simply, the continuance of mRNA treatments, despite serious adverse events numbering now in the millions, is unprecedented in medical history.

We recently noted and forecast how the COVID War was ominously shifting to childhood immunizations. (“COVID WAR: THE BATTLE OF CHILDHOOD IMMUNIZATIONS,” 7 Nov 2023.)

There’s a reason why Big Pharma and government authorities can’t admit the catastrophe of the COVID shots, even beyond the liabilities and ruining of careers that would entail.

Controversial mRNA genetic technologies, which promise obscene profits to corporations, and piles of cash to media (via product advertising) and politicians (via political kickbacks), are being heavily banked on as a cornerstone of 21st century medical technology.

To admit the COVID vaccines have been a disaster, would throw a huge shadow over hundreds of mRNA use cases currently under development.

Look for governments of the West, including Canada and the U.S., to attempt to mandate mRNA treatments into the schedule of childhood vaccinations required for children to attend public schools.

Unless parents and citizens more generally wake up to the groundwork being laid via alarmist CDC and media reporting, and organize to ban mRNA treatments from being mandated in any way, radical medical genetic mandates will become a reality.

And in addition to childhood immunizations, look for social welfare benefits, including disability and elderly programs like Medicare and Social Security in the U.S., to be linked to receiving mRNA treatments.

Regarding that blueprint, the Health Ministry in Brazil recently announced that COVID-19 vaccines would be added to their mandatory annual Immunization Program for children. 

And, as Elander & the News noted on X with a video link, Brazil President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has advocated that parents of unvaccinated children be denied welfare benefits.

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