by Gregory Mannarino
The cries from members of Congress continue to get louder: “More debt please!”
With the U.S. economy remaining in this nonsensical, politically-motivated central bank “lockdown,” with almost no end in sight, the answer is emphatically, “Yes!” These Congressional numbskulls seem to believe that borrowing more from the Federal Reserve is the answer. Can they truly be that oblivious… or is this by design?
What we have are financially irresponsible sub-morons sitting in elected positions who are more worried about keeping their power than helping a single one of their constituents.
COVID-19 is a Federal Reserve Black Ops PSYOP utilized to bring the entire global economy to a standstill, kill the money velocity, and, therefore, allow the Fed to finally finish their century-long plan to be the lender, buyer, and Owner of the World.
The Federal Reserve is now on track to print more debt and buy more assets since the COVID-19 PSYOP than in the last 50 years combined. Parabolic debt…
On the other side, we have Fed Presidents themselves saying, “Yes, more debt is needed.” Understand, nothing possibly could make the Federal Reserve happier than members of Congress calling for, and even demanding, more debt.
Central banking revolves around a single premise: the more debt issued, the stronger they become. People who do not understand central banking find it difficult, if not impossible, to understand that we have a debt-based economic model. This debt-based system demands that debt be borrowed into existence in increasingly greater amounts – and the Fed is more than willing to oblige.
Also, notice how the word “debt” is never mentioned by a single member of Congress or Fed President… their politically correct term is “more stimulus.”
More debt – or “stimulus” – certainly is not the answer. Fiscal responsibility is, but when you have a Congress of buffoons and a central bank more than willing to bury a nation and its citizens under parabolic debt, what we get is a “New America,” which is well on its way to becoming a fascist dictatorship.
Just look around… we are forced to live beneath their rules under the guise of COVID-19… and I will let you in on a bigger secret: soon, it is going to get much worse.
As the Federal Reserve gains more power (literally buying up the world, already they are the most powerful organization on Earth), they will steal away more of your freedoms and liberties. They use catch phrases such as, “We Are All in This Together,” the “New Normal,” and “Alone Together.” These are all in an attempt to lull us into a sense of acceptance.
Parabolic debt is the Federal Reserve’s way of bringing about their “final solution.” This final solution is the very reason why the Federal Reserve was created: to own the world via a debt-based economic model. Today, the Fed is disbursing trillions of dollars to central banks around the globe, and, with these dollars, they are buying assets. In a very real sense, the central banks are taking over.
Indeed, parabolic debt is allowing the Federal Reserve to fulfill its creation destiny. And, in doing so, they are creating slaves of nations… and mankind.

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