As we have been reporting since the outbreak of COVID Hysteria in February, the media and politicians around the world have been comparing the coronavirus to a war. Now the New York Times has added a new analogy: Boxing.

The self-proclaimed “Paper of Record” published this headline on 25 June: “Virus Surges, Knocking U.S. Back on Ropes.” The article, continuing to model the overly dramatized, defeatist language of most national U.S. media, includes this:

“On Wednesday, governors, mayors, investors and others across the United States woke up to news that was impossible to ignore. More than 35,000 new coronavirus cases had been identified the day before… the country had found itself back in March – at the start of the pandemic, in the early days of the lockdown when masks were in short supply and the death toll was skyrocketing.”

The previous day, the Times continued to promote Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Robert Redfield as authority figures without including any of the many medical experts who have countered their “doom and gloom” outlooks with scientific proof.

The paper’s headline: “Experts Sketch Gloomy Picture of Virus Spread” was followed with an article filled almost exclusively with Fauci’s and Redfield’s congressional testimony last Tuesday.

The article, continuing to model the overly dramatized, defeatist language of most national U.S. media, includes:

  • “‘The virus is not going to disappear,’ said Dr. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert.”
  • “Dr. Anthony Fauci told Congress he was seeing a ‘disturbing surge’ of infections in some parts of the country as Americans ignore social distancing guidelines and states reopen without adequate plans for testing and tracing.’”
  • “Both [Fauci] and Dr. Robert R. Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warned of a dangerous situation looming this winter, when the regular flu season will intersect with the coronavirus, producing what Dr. Fauci described as ‘two respiratory-borne infections simultaneously confounding each other.’”
  • “Dr. Redfield said the crisis had ‘brought this nation to its knees.’ He added that ‘Getting a flu shot would be imperative… This single act will save lives.’”

TRENDPOST: The article’s headline refers to “experts,” but whose experts? As we’ve reported frequently in the Trends Journal, there are many experts with credentials every bit equal to Fauci’s and Redfield’s who have strong, science-based data that contradicts the information provided in this and hundreds of other articles that are banned and censored from the mainstream news.

TRENDPOST: While hyperventilating over the rise in people getting the virus, absent is the fact that the overwhelming majority of healthy people getting this virus develop either no symptoms or symptoms so slight they don’t report to a doctor.

But, to continue the Times choice of a boxing analogy, the paper uses language that encourages its readers to “throw in the towel” and have their freedom and any sense of joy sucked out of them by scare tactics of political leaders and their health authorities who offer no substantive epidemiological data to back up their actions.

Paper of Record or Toilet Paper?

Continuing its assault on readers’ emotions with threatening language and visions of gloom, the Times published an article last Thursday with the headline “Unable to Eradicate COVID-19, World Learns to Live with It.”  Included are these excerpts:

  • “The shifting strategies are an acknowledgement that even the most successful countries cannot declare victory until a vaccine is found.”
  • “Even in places where the coronavirus appeared to be under control, big outbreaks remain a major risk. In Tokyo, there have been 253 new infections in the past week.” (Note: Tokyo has a population of 9.2 million. 253 new cases represent 0.0027 percent.)
  • “South Korea calls its strategy ‘everyday quarantine.’ The country never implemented the strict lockdowns seen in other places, and social-distancing measures, while strongly encouraged, remain guidelines.” (Note: This piece of encouraging news about a country with relatively few deaths from COVID-19, despite keeping its economy open, is buried well into the second page of the article.)

TRENDPOST: The fear-inducing, anxiety-ridden headlines, sub-headlines, and phrases in these recent articles are typical of what the national media has been spewing for months.

 Here is a recap from just the Times last week:

  • “Virus Surges, Knocking U.S. Back on Ropes”
  • “death toll was skyrocketing”
  • “Experts Sketch Gloomy Picture”
  • “The virus is not going to disappear”
  • “disturbing surge of infections”
  • “dangerous situation looming this winter”
  • “Unable to Eradicate COVID-19, World Learns to Live With It”
  • “How the Virus Won”
  • ”Epidemic spun out of control”

Is this objective journalism or a script for a B-Grade Hollywood horror movie? Are your knees trembling yet? Feel the need to hide behind a mask? Is all of the joy and love for life sucked out of you by now? Your political leaders are counting on it… and they have the most prominent media outlets aiding and abetting in their authoritative control.

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