The UN World Food Program has issued a warning that Zimbabwe is “marching towards starvation.” 

Decades of dictatorial rule and government mismanagement, and now faced with severe drought conditions, have created a serious national health emergency.

This comes on top of the worst economic crisis in the country since the military takeover occurred in 2017. 

Deep in depression, the new Zimbabwe dollar has lost over 50 percent of its value since it was first issued earlier this year while inflation has soared 289 percent.

Their food crisis is further hampered by severe infrastructure problems including antiquated railways and roads in disrepair, which delay deliveries of foreign food.

TREND FORECAST: The past and present ruling class of Zimbabwe has long run the country into ruin. We forecast that economic and social conditions will continue to dramatically decline, and the nation will devolve into civil protests and violent government crackdowns. 

In addition, more citizens will flee for safe-haven alternatives, risking their lives to escape the violence, poverty, crime, and corruption.

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