Our Top Trends for 2019

Global trends forecaster Gerald Celente’s Top Trends for 2019, covered in the December edition of the Trends Journal, offers detailed, essential predictions that pinpoint the critical trends ahead as 2018 ended riding a powerful wave of economic, geopolitical and societal volatility into the new year.

According to Celente, rarely do so many converging trend lines signal the unprecedented risk and reward opportunities ahead as do the Top 10 Trends for 2019.

And already, just a few weeks into the new year, many of these trends are taking shape and, in fact, accelerating.

From declining equity markets and economies globally, to the diving value of cryptocurrencies, to the rising number of explosive geopolitical trends threatening social unrest, to powerful social trends that will dramatically alter the status quo for many and much more… 2019 is off to the wild ride we forecast ahead.

Here’s a summary of the Top Trends for 2019, with links to each story:

ECONOMIC 9/11: “Economic 9/11” is poised to strike and cause equity and market meltdowns worldwide, as many economies already in recession or headed for recession, crash. Can it be stopped?

HUMAN WAVES 2019: The Great Migration trend accelerates across the globe in 2019. So, too, do populist movements that will begin to dismantle entrenched governments and push nationalism.

AMERICA: PURITAN 2.0: Welcome to Puritan America. Watch what you say, how you say it, where you say it, when you say it and who you say it to. America and other countries will increasingly impose Puritan standards across all aspects of life.

CENSORSHIP 2019: Governments across the globe, regardless of what political doctrine they profess, in collusion with social media giants, will accelerate the Censorship 2019 trend. But opportunity exists to circumvent the media monopolies by creating alternatives.

READY TO EXPLODE: The effects of America’s and other nations’ obesity will continue to take its toll and bear a heavy price tag. But opportunities exist for OnTrendpreneurs® to address this epidemic.

BYE, BYE BOOMERS: The world is not prepared for the impact the Bye, Bye Boomers trend is about to unleash. The golden years for millions of seniors in 2019 will be marked more by how to survive rather than how to thrive.

GET HIGH, GET HEALTHY: The cannabis industry breaks through, making the transition from a strong entrepreneurial and small business playing field to big industry.

BLESSED ARE THE GEEKS: The King James Bible got it wrong. The Geeks, not the “Meek,” have inherited the Earth. Celente outlines the consequences.

GEN Z=GEN ZERO: It’s the 21st century Generation and much of their future will resemble very little of the past. What will define this generation is its over reliance on digital communication, missing opportunities for self-expression, creative thinking and collaborative endeavors.

DYING BRANDS: As more iconic brands die, new and old brands that create products and a marketing message that reflect uniqueness and relevance to specific audiences who are not satisfied by the product offerings of traditional brands will succeed. TJ

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