OnTrendprenuer™ Opp: Repurpose gas stations

As more hybrids and electric cars take to the roads, we’ll need fewer gas stations. But what will become of all those little empty buildings that dot our streets?

Reebok, the sport shoe maker and Boston design firm Gensler want to reclaim these abandoned sites as “fitness hubs” where you can take a spin class, do yoga, or down a green smoothie while your electric car is being charged out front.

The partners see interstate rest stops as places to break up a long trip with a Crossfit session, a space for some quiet tai chi, or a run along an outdoor trail while your EV is hooked up. The now ubiquitous gas station minimart could become a community health center with juice bars, meditation pods, roof gardens, nutrition classes and outdoor treadmills, in addition to electric charging stations. “The perfect place to recharge on your way home from work,” quips Reebok .

TRENDPOST:  As electric cars take a greater share of the road, many gas stations will shut down. These sites, along well-traveled routes, will encourage new specialty retail businesses by providing ready facilities, high visibility and easy access. OnTrendpreneurs™, who know their communities and local markets can beat the “bigs” to fill these spaces.

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