Occupy Peace Rally moved to September

The Trends Research Institute’s Occupy Peace rally, which will unveil a strategy for individuals and groups to advance peace in their communities across the country, is being rescheduled from May 2 to September 20 — the day before peace is celebrated worldwide.

Rescheduling the event positions the institute to stage its unique rally and movement while the globe’s attention shifts, albeit briefly, to peace.

“Occupy Peace is more – much more – than a rally,” said Gerald Celente, the institute’s founder and Trends Journal publisher. “It is the dawn of a movement designed to reinstate the essential values that gave birth to this nation and provide hands-on tools for advancing peace.

At noon Sunday, September 20, Celente and the Occupy Peace team will provide techniques individuals need to wage and champion peace in their communities. They will do so in historic Kingston, N.Y., with the support of city mayor Shayne Gallo.

“This is not about hoping for peace,” Celente said. “It’s about the ways in which we can demand it.”

The Occupy Peace toolbox will include actionable information on petitioning for peace, holding public officials and candidates for office accountable when they support wars, requiring funding for wars be put before voters and much more.

The initiative also will emphasize the roles art, music, community service and business play in advocating for peace.

“Supporting peace is good business,” said Celente. “Peace brings prosperity, and we’re going to show that.”

The Occupy Peace movement will take place at the heart of the oldest intersection in the country, at the corners of Crown and John streets in Kingston. Four stunning pre-Revolutionary War structures stand at this intersection. These buildings stand in the shadow of the Kingston Courthouse, constructed in 1789. The courthouse and earlier buildings on the site (dating to 1683) were the scene of critical episodes in the founding of the nation and the writing of the United States Constitution.

There is no more meaningful and inspiring location at which to replant the seeds of true democracy, and no better place to reunite with core constitutional principles, including:

» No foreign entanglements.
» Wage war only when imminent threat exists.
» Zero tolerance for illegal wars based on lies and retreaded failed reasoning.
» Build communities here, not foreign nations elsewhere.
» Let the people vote on whether to fund wars.

The institute has been working with peace-minded historians, artists, journalists and other experts to create the program. The tools will make peace a driving force in the halls of government and in the living rooms of Americans fed up with politicians, fed up with so-called military experts and fed up with a complacent media that make going to war so easy.

It’s time to fight for liberty, not war.

Visit Occupypeace.us regularly for updates. And join us.


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