Occupy Peace gaining strength

On September 20, 2015 at noon, Gerald Celente and invited speakers will unveil an initiative designed to advance peace in states across the country as a moral, social and political imperative. Occupy Peace is a movement designed to reinstate the core values that gave birth to this nation and provide the tools for advancing peace and restoring prosperity. It will be born during a rally at the oldest intersection in the United States. At the corners of Crown and John streets in Kingston, NY, where the rally will be held, stand four pre-Revolutionary War stone structures. Just a half-block away is the Kingston Courthouse, constructed in 1789. The courthouse, and buildings on the site dating to 1683, were the scene of critical episodes in the founding of the nation and the writing of the US Constitution. Please visit occupypeace.us to learn more and, if you can, donate to the cause. Also, check back later this summer; the site is being redesigned and expanded to provide the depth and immediacy needed to make this effort work. And, most of all, attend the rally!

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