Occupy Peace depends on you.

You already may be chanting, hoping, singing or praying for peace.

Now, consider fighting for peace.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Sign up. There’s a link on this site, Occupypeace.us. Leave your email address. Leave your ideas. Vow your support for the core concepts.
  • Attend the rally in Kingston, NY, at noon, Sunday, Sept. 20. It’s at the corners of John and Crown streets, the oldest intersection in the United States of America.
  • Follow the progress being made in developing the Occupy Peace platform on Occupypeace.us and Trendsresearch.com
  • Use the information emerging on Occupypeace.us to create and lead the movement in your community to bring the Occupy Peace platform to the ballot. Be a leader; don’t wait for your elected officials to take the lead.
  • Donate what you can to the cause using the links on Occupypeace.us, and encourage others to do the same. All, and we mean all, funds, as well as the substantial investment the institute is making, will be used for Occupy Peace.
  • Use your personal social media and other means to spread the word about this one-of-a-kind fight for peace.
  • Remember, recite, repeat:
    » No foreign entanglements.
    » War only when imminent threat exists.
    » Zero tolerance for illegal wars.
    » Build communities here, not foreign nations.
    » Let the people vote on whether to fund wars.
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